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Sarah amazing woman Keeping viewers company at a TV party Italy 1 Because Tuesday, March 8. The film, which will be screened at the climax, dates from 2017, and was directed by the director Patricia Lea “Patty” Jenkins famous for photography monster With Charlize Theron Like American serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The film for which the actress won an Oscar.

What is the story of Wonder Woman? movie plot

Wonder Woman’s background story starts from a very suggestive place. A remote and wonderful island where Diana, the daughter of the Queen of the Amazon lives Hippolytus. the Aunt Antibe trains “Diana” from an early age so that she can one day become a brave warrior and play the role of the princess of the Amazons. A life spent training there with a purpose. Get ready to fight Ares. He wanted to take over Zeus and her warriors and was always ready to destroy everything for power, including the island of Themyscira where Diana lived. The only weapon that Zeus gave the Amazons to kill is also hidden in this heavenly place Ares And protect yourself from his wrath.

One day an American pilot was named Steve Trevor to the island. He has such obvious difficulty that he has to make an emergency landing in his plane and Diana saves him. Steve, after being rescued, tells him that a terrible conflict is going on in the world he comes from and is taking human lives. After him, the German forces find him and begin a battle with the Amazonian warriors.

But there’s more: Steve has a job to do. There is a terrible weapon, mustard gas toxicologist, Which is likely to kill allies and its job is to warn them. So Diana leaves with Steve for the front to fight and save the American forces from this imminent danger.

What are Wonder Woman’s powers?

The list is long. From incredible speed to strength, endurance and agility. Additionally, she is immune, talks to animals, and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Feel the magic and fight with the sword. He is immortal, he flies, he is immune to mind control, disease and toxins. This is Amazon able to use the Zeus Thunderbolt…

Curiosities about the 2017 film

Among the curiosities related to the film amazing woman There are of course the places where the film was shot. The story, in fact, in addition to UK and France He saw part of the group working too Southern Italy.

To be precise, the actors played in different places such as Sassi di Matera and the castle of Malconsiglio (in Basilicata). Not only that: also Castel del Monte and then to Gargano (between the regions of Baia delle Zagare and Baia di Vignanotica), without forgetting Puglia and Campania in Marina di Camerota.

Wonder Woman: From the Comics to the Sequel 2020

Also a sequel to the Wonder Woman movie titled wonderful woman 1984Shot by Patty Jenkins. Because pandemic The film has been postponed several times and the director has had the opportunity to rethink the world of cinema in which she works and her private life. “If you had told me a year ago that we were going straight to air, I would have freaked out anyway. was crazy, a really crazy year.

The film seemed destined to return to theaters multiple times, which raised both anticipation and frustration. “It’s like we’re all trying We understand with our lives, how to do everything we can. And so I kept saying there’s no right choice. When we discussed it, there was no alternative, no good choice. I literally gasped when I came up with this idea, because I thought “Oh, you’ll walk into people’s homes on Christmas Daycommented “”.

But the success of the film is linked to the series A comics I got pregnant in 1941 on the orders of a psychologist William Moulton Marston and by designer Harry J Peters. amazing woman First appeared in a comic All-Star Comics, Sensation Comic dated 1942.

The cast and the miraculous characters

At the casting from the movie wonderful woman, In addition to the actress Gal Gadot which explains Dianawe find among others: Robin Wright (Antiope)And the Chris Pine (Steve Trevor)And the David Thewlis (Patrick Morgan)And the Connie NielsenHippolyteAnd the Elena Anaya (Doctor SM)And the Danny Houston (Eric Ludendorff).

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