Extremely Sad Reddit Movie Lines

From pre-tragic sacrifice one-liners to philosophical and emotional revelations, it often only takes one line of dialogue to bring tears to theaters. So there were thousands of great (read: heartbreaking) submissions when redditor u/Andrewreddy asked r/movies moviegoers, “What do you think is the saddest line in a movie?” Here are 17 of their suggestions.

And here’s an obligatory spoiler warning!


In Hiswhen Theodore confides in his virtual assistant, Samantha.


When Joe confessed his existential fears about his life to his mother in Soul.


When Lee admitted to Patrick that he couldn’t get over his traumatic past by Manchester by the sea.


When Mr. Anderson gave Charlie this all-time classic some young adult fiction advice in Charlie’s world.


In Childhoodwhen Olivia told her son that sending him to college made her fear his life was pretty much over.


When Randall says this to his friends and family while waiting for the apocalypse of Don’t look up.


When Killmonger had only this to say about his defeat in Black Panther.


When Gordie doesn’t speak, but writes, the heartbreaking last lines of support me.


When Waymond wistfully said this to Evelyn in Everything everywhere all at once.


When Boromir said this while he was dying The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.


When Del made a moving confession to Neal in Planes, trains and automobiles.


When the iron giant sacrificed himself in The iron giant.


When Setsuko, on the verge of death, offers her beloved brother, Seita, “rice balls” in the Grave of the Fireflies.


When Jack and Ennis fought in Brokeback Mountain.


In The princess to be marriedwhen Inigo Montoya summed up his life’s mission in four words: “I love my father.”


When Lady Bird found her friend Julie crying and Julie explained it by saying this in lady bird.


And finally: when Stoick found his long-lost wife, Valka, in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

When you read the phrase “emotionally devastating,” what TV or movie lines come to mind? Tell us about them in the comments!

Andrea G. Henderson