Eternals’ Thor Easter egg created a hole in the Avengers movie plot

In Eternals, Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo claims that Thor was following him, but that boast creates an Avengers continuity issue if that’s true.

Warning: this post contains SPOILERS for Eternals.

At Marvel Eternals, Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo claims to have known Thor in the past, but it creates a major plot hole in the Phase 1 event movie The Avengers. As Thor is over 1,500 years old in the MCU, the pair knowing each other in the distant past might work, but the suggestion that Thor fell in love with Kingo as a child misses a key detail of the thunder god’s memory from his past. .

While Eternals is very clearly a new chapter in the MCU that’s more forward-looking than thoughtful, it owes its franchise past in important ways. There are obvious mentions for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, Josh Brolin’s Thanos, Chris Evans’ Captain America, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man Kingo mentions Chris Hemsworth’s beautifully haired Asgardian hero. The plot also builds on the back of Phase 3 in a way that would have been impossible without Avengers: Endgame, although it’s not quite necessary to have seen MCU movies before Eternal.


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But in throwing away those occasional references to the original (and second-gen) Avengers, Eternals made the same mistake as several other Phase 4 releases by ignoring specific parts of the MCU’s continuity. Sure, it’s funny to suggest that Thor would follow Kingo, and it’s the sort of thing that selfish Bollywood star Nanjiani would claim to bolster her own mythology, but it’s not played out as an empty boast of the same. way that Kingo’s other brags are. And this is where the problem lies, because in The Avengers, Thor specifically mentions that the first time he came to Earth was during the events of his own MCU debut, Thor.

Thor vs. the Destroyer

In The Avengers, Thor reminds Loki by sending the Destroyer to Earth by Thor, saying “When I first arrived on Earth, Loki’s rage followed me here and your people paid the price. And now again. “Thor has no reason to claim that the visit was his first time, given that Norse mythology includes the legend of Thor, suggesting he was known to mankind. And indeed, in Phase 1 when Thor comes to Earth, he is presented as a naive fish out of water. To suggest that he knew Midgard well enough to have been a child there makes no sense. There is a counterpoint in Thor, when Fandral says “It’s not like a trip to Earth, where you summon a little lightning and thunder and mortals worship you like a god“but Fandral could easily speak of visits to Earth in general, and Odin in particular. Otherwise, The Avengers a quote from Thor also ruins this line configuration. Kingo and Fandral may be together, but Thor’s own memory should surely trump the two, making Kingo’s claim a plot hole, or Thor’s one. Avengers line one. Either way, something is broken here.

Examining this part of Eternals, one must also look at the veracity of Kingo’s claims, given that he is immediately presented as a kind of storyteller. But Kingo isn’t a liar as much as he believes a little too much in his own hype, believing that his accomplishments deserve praise, rather than inflating them to appear grander. In many ways, Kingo is actually like Thor himself, before the God of Thunder. End of Game breakdown. So Thor’s claim seems legitimate from his perspective, even if it’s impossible under the terms of the MCU. And all this for a little gag that unnecessarily ties the film back to the Avengers.

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