DC Movie Scenes That Went Too Far

A lot happens in the third act of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” including the introduction of Doomsday and the beginnings of Wonder Woman’s superhero identity. But an equally important, if not immediately noticeable, development is that we finally understand why Lex Luthor hates Superman and the very concept of superheroes so much. When the Kryptonian confronts Luthor about the kidnapping of Martha Kent, Luthor begins to ramble on about his motives, which include him commenting that “No man in heaven intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from the fist and daddy’s abominations!”

This line indicates that Luthor suffered from child abuse and that these traumatic experiences fuel his hatred for people like Superman. The lingering scars of an abusive childhood are a big issue to suddenly raise in the third act of a PG-13 superhero movie. There’s nothing inherently wrong with superhero movies dealing with heavier subject matter, but the problem is that at this point in the movie, “Dawn of Justice” is about to focus almost entirely on the comic book characters fighting, then fighting a big CGI monster. There is no time to give this revelation the weight and leeway it needs. To shove him into the fold to explain why Luthor is so evil goes way too far and further derails the already convoluted conclusion of “Dawn of Justice.”

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Andrea G. Henderson