Dad, daughter and photographer work remotely to recreate iconic movie scenes

When the pandemic and lockdowns started, each of us found our own way to stay creative. Alex Zane and his daughter Matilda have found joy and pleasure in recreating scenes from famous movies, and they are kindly sharing them with the world and with you, dear DIYP readers.

Team up with Alex’s friend, photographer Andrew Kellythe father-daughter duo recreate iconic Massachusetts scenes while Andrew directs filming from Colorado!

In an interview with bored panda, Alex revealed how he came up with the idea. Many better things happen by chance, and the same thing happened here:

“It was about three weeks in quarantine. It was still quite cold outside and everything was closed. I was home with two small children trying to fill the day with activities but only actually filling about 35 minutes of the day. At one point we were in the living room hanging out and my daughter Matilda climbed on an old plastic car (comfortable coupe) and started riding on it. I ignored all my parental instincts of concern for his safety and well-being and instead recalled the iconic scene from ‘Teen Wolf’ where Mike J Fox surfs on top of Stiles’ van. I showed her how to play the air guitar (she was only four and a half) and begged her to let me take a picture. It came to me in a flash. It’s basically like when Newton was inspired to formulate the theory of gravity by watching an apple fall from a tree.

Alex is a lawyer by trade and he tells me he barely took any pictures before this project. He opened Instagram years ago, posted a few photos and his account was forgotten. But this new idea changed everything. Still, he wasn’t really good at photography, so he contacted Andrew, who is a professional photographer. They have been friends for years and Andrew was happy to help with the project.

As I mentioned, Alex and Matilda are based in Massachusetts and Andrew lives in Denver, Colorado. But when there’s a will, there’s a way, so this amazing trio did it all from a distance. “For each shot, he calls me and has me set up the lights and works with me on the angles,” says Alex. “Andrew basically walks me through everything, both on the phone and on FaceTime. It’s pretty amazing.

The process is quite tedious and can take a long time, so they don’t involve Matilda in the preparation. Instead, they use a large stuffed fox as a stand-in until everything is ready. I mean, how patient can a toddler be while you walk around, set the scene, angles, lighting…? Still, Matilda seems to be really into it when it comes to costumes, posing, and making facial expressions to look like the actors. In fact, I think she’s natural and it seems to me that she enjoys photoshoots so much, which makes the photos look even cooler.

“Imagine being a photographer and working remotely with a toddler and a guy who knows nothing about photography,” Alex tells me. “Andrew has a lot of patience…He’s a wizard.” I was curious which of them is editing the photos, since Alex is technically taking them. Again, it’s Andrew. When Alex does the shoot, he sends the photos to Andrew. He edits them and sends the final images back to Alex.

The total time spent on each photo is quite significant. Alex says “some would say that’s crazy.” When he has the idea, it takes time to find the costumes, prepare the stage, and the lighting, take the photos, and finally do the editing. But I think it’s definitely worth it. I find these photos really funny, especially the ones where props are swapped out to make them kid-friendly. I mean, look at this.

Alex gives a lot of credit to Andrew, who I respect enormously as a photographer, and I think a good friend does too. But I think it’s just a team that works well, and each of them has their own part to make this project so fun and well done. So, I invite you to enjoy more of these fantastic recreations below, and be sure to follow Andrew and alexander on Instagram.

Andrea G. Henderson