Dad and 5-year-old daughter recreate famous movie scenes

Alex Zane and his 5-year-old daughter, Matilda, bring iconic movie scenes to life in a whole new way. The dad-daughter duo have released dozens and dozens of homemade photo recreations of famous films, with Matilda in the lead role. Sometimes his giant stuffed fox also makes an appearance.

Their Instagram page, Tot for Tot Remakeshas become a viral sensation and is generating a lot of interest online, thanks in large part to the incredible attention to detail that goes into every image.

Like many parents, Alex was forced to think of creative ways to entertain his family during the early days of the pandemic, including an indoor (toy) car wash. When Matilda suddenly jumped over the Comfortable CoupeAlex immediately had a vision of Michael J. Fox in “Teen Wolf” and then taught him how to play air guitar before snapping a shot.

Alex was quick to admit he was not a professional photographer during his interview with TODAY. But luckily, this lawyer-slash-father-slash-cinephile had a friend who was. He sent the snapshot to Andrew Kellywho sprinkled in enough digital magic to make it happen:

So ! Toddler wolf. And so, Tot for Tot Remakes was born. Believe me, it only gets more complex from here.

In an exclusive interview with Movie Metropolis, Alex explained what happens in the process. Turns out there’s just as much going on behind the scenes in the re-creation as there was in the original film.

First, there’s the movie selection, which a) can be snapped in three quick snaps, lest the 5-year-old star lose focus and need to be “bribed to get back on track.” the set,” and b) should be confined to very simple images of actions like sleeping, being dead, screaming, standing, or sitting. Because, again, 5 years.

Regarding budgeting, Alex said TODAY that they spend $5 or less on accessories. In this “Wizard of Oz” photo, for example, the dress is made of towels. Talk about resourcefulness.

Then you have to take the photos, which hopefully are “decent and funny enough” to get Kelly’s stamp of approval. Kelly will then add backgrounds, effects and all that magic photo editing stuff, and send it back to Alex to post for the whole internet to enjoy.

It might sound simple enough, but Alex said People it consists of “probably 350 texts back and forth for each recreation”. The things we do for our art!

For Alex, this passion project not only became a special opportunity to bond with his daughter, but also helped him remember “how good life can be when you apply time and creativity to anything “. He hopes their posts could provide a “distraction for a few people to help out in these trying times”.

Alex added that the two favorites so far were ‘The Shining’ and ‘Bridesmaids’, the latter mainly because Matilda loved the dress and worn for two days in a row.

When I say Alex and Matilda recreated a ton of movies, I’m not exaggerating. List of titles such as “ET”, “Love Actually”, “Titanic”, “Star Wars”, “Free Willy”, “Lord of The Rings”, “Mission: Impossible”, “The Great Gatsby” and “The Matrix ” (twice!) doesn’t even scratch the surface.

I would have been very sad if Matilda hadn’t tried “Matilda”, but the Zanes did not disappoint.

Who knows what kind of magic movie Alex and Matilda will create next. They are sure to have fun doing it.

Andrea G. Henderson