CODA’s Troy Kotsur Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes

Sometimes an Oscar is able to shine a light on a deserving artist who may not have been in the spotlight yet. This seems to be exactly what happened to CODAby Troy Kotsur. Kotsur’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar has gotten fans to learn more about his time in Hollywood. This includes how he is a proud elder of Star wars who helped develop the Tusken Raiders’ own sign language. But as he showed in his performance in this year’s Best Picture winner, he’s at his best when he’s not wearing a mask. And his many talents were on full display in a video by Variety. Kotsur has re-enacted famous film scenes from The Godfather, Jaws, The Empire Strikes Back, and The graduation.

But her take on some infamous “advice” for women in business might be her best work of all.

Obviously, Troy Kotsur is a national treasure and we are all late to recognize this indisputable fact. Because during CODA was enough to show how good a performer he is, this montage reveals how many roles he can play. You don’t need to know sign language to see the emotion, power and humor it can convey. And given that he brings it all to some of Hollywood’s most famous moments, it makes him even more impressive.

Troy Kotsur in black tuxedo plays Brody on Quint's boat in Jaws

That’s not all it can do though. Kotsur can also turn something ugly into something we enjoy. Like her take on Kim Kardashian’s recent advice period. Kotsur managed to turn something ridiculous into comedic gold, a true show of skill and craftsmanship.

And for that, we really have the Academy to thank. Thank you for rightfully awarding an Oscar to Troy Kotsur so we can see how bright he shines.

Featured Image: Variety/Lucasfilm

Andrea G. Henderson