Chris Pine promises ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ movie plot will provide much-needed escape for audiences

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The actor playing Elgin in the upcoming role-playing film reveals at San Diego Comic-Con that the film draws inspiration from a range of movies and TV shows.

Chris Pine suggested that “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thievesis inspired by a range of films and TV shows. To play Elgin in the new fantasy film based on the role-playing game of the same name, the 41-year-old actor explained that he was inspired of a variety of projects.

“I think it is ‘game of thrones‘ meets ‘Princess Bride’, with a bit of ‘Spinal Tap,'” Chris told Entertainment Tonight at San Diego Comic-Con. The “wonder womanThe star believes the fantasy film will provide a much-needed escape for audiences. He said: “I’m just thrilled to be (at) Comic-Con – we haven’t had that for a few years in the COVID of it- above all.”

“It’s nice to come back and see the fans, and we’re excited about the movie,” he added. “Obviously we’re living in strange times right now, and this movie is about fun and good times and becoming heroes when you don’t think you can become a hero. It has a really vibrant, joyful energy and fun, and it’s not a bad thing in today’s world to share that kind of joy.”

The movie “Dungeons and Dragons” is directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley and star Michelle Rodriguez says the filmmakers “really care” about portraying the game on the big screen accurately. She said, “They really care about this world and they really care about portraying this world as accurately as possible.”

“As for someone who respects people who respect the game, understand where it’s coming from, and really want to do it justice,” she continued, “you couldn’t have picked two better directors than John and John.”

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