“Being able to recreate my favorite movie scenes is what really made me fall in love with Minecraft! “: TrixyBlox

The endless possibilities offered by the open world of Minecraft have encouraged many players to let their creativity run free over the years. Seizing the opportunity, Oscar “TrixyBlox” Osborne, a prominent Minecraft content creator, turned to YouTube to create some of the most complex and mind-blowing versions.

From his next creation Ultimate Survival World to his most detailed underground realm, TrixyBlox, in conversation with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskeeda Esports, talks about the hours he has to invest to make his plans succeed.

Q. Having a combined view count of over 100 million on YouTube is quite an achievement. How did the idea of ​​becoming YouTuber come about? Tell us a bit about yourself and how you channeled your exceptional Minecraft skills into a profession.

Oscar: I’ve been making YouTube videos for about eight years, which tends to surprise people. I studied visual effects in college, and that’s part of the reason I love making things in Minecraft so much! I find the skills I learned during graduation helped build me up, so I’m grateful to have them under my belt. Just when I finished my studies, the TrixyBlox channel took off – what was once a hobby became my full time job!

Q. Your YouTube channel, TrixyBlox, is all about Minecraft. What do you like most about Minecraft? How old were you when you first played the open world sandbox game?

Oscar: I love that Minecraft allows you to be so creative, but it still has its practical limits, so that really calls out to us builders! You often have to think of inventive ways to use blocks that can be designed for an entirely different purpose to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Plus, being able to recreate some of my favorite movie scenes is what really made me fall in love with making things in Minecraft!

I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2011, when it first became very popular! It’s such a versatile game, and it brings people together in so many ways.

Q. Your username, “TrixyBlox”, is unique and creative. What is the anecdote behind this innovative name?

Oscar: The name “TrixyBlox” is actually something I found on a whim! It fits well with the theme of the chain and luckily has not aged badly. I could just as easily have called the channel something ridiculously wacky at the time!

Q. Breathtaking versions set your channel apart from other Minecraft YouTube channels. What was your most detailed construction? How much time did you invest to complete the project?

Oscar: The answer to this question is honestly constantly evolving, with each of my projects becoming more detailed than the last! My construction of the Underground Realm is quite detailed – it took me over 300 hours, spanning about six months!

At the moment my main project is my Ultimate Survival World, which is shaping up to be my most detailed build yet! I’ve already invested around 300 hours in this project, and I’m not even halfway there yet!

The backstory of the construction is really large and complex. Since I’m making people experience survival mode, all buildings have interiors, and there will be loot, journal entries, and treasure hunts hidden all over the island!

There is so much to this project, and I have to remember that sometimes it has to be conducive to survival. It’s so tempting to go crazy and build things on a large scale, which often makes it easy to add details!

I do all of the building myself, with help from my girlfriend Steph, for the planning, story, and scriptwriting process. I have to work as quickly as possible to prepare new videos, so I do my best to balance too much and too little detail!

I could spend ages creating the most detailed, perfect build ever, but no one would get the chance to play it, and my videos would be way too long!

Q. Your one-of-a-kind Minecraft builds are huge, elaborate, and complex. Where do you get your inspiration from? What theme do you work on next?

Oscar: Much of my inspiration comes from movies and games, as well as history! Not a day goes by that Steph and I don’t discuss new concepts and ideas – we spend a lot of time planning and researching!

As for the next theme, I plan to start working on the “Coastal Realm”, which will be part of the same universe as my Underground and Underwater Realms! I have several other realms planned for this universe, and can’t wait to show everyone how they relate to each other!

Since my projects are taking so long to complete, I expect this new realm to come to fruition next year, with my next mega project – a survival card to compete with Ultimate Survival World!

There are so many new projects to look forward to over the next few years!

Q. The Basic vs. Intermediate vs. Expert videos show your attention to the little details. Can viewers expect more videos like these in the future?

Oscar: I would love to revisit this series at some point, but there are currently so many requests for bigger projects, like my Ultimate Survival World! I also have a few versions that I would like to review and upgrade again. I have so many standalone versions that could be turned into whole realms!

But of course, once Ultimate Survival World is over, I hope I have time to create more focused individual transformations again – they’re a lot of fun! I will also have other mega projects online!

Q. Minecraft mods are all the rage, and players are curious about which ones are the best. Which mods are your personal favorites?

Oscar: Mods are a great way to keep your Minecraft experience fresh! I used LittleTiles for a series on my channel where I upgrade versions with insane detail, which is one of my personal favorites! This is definitely a series I would love to continue with, possibly recreating all of Minecraft’s structures in insane detail!

You can literally use blocks 1/16 the size of regular Minecraft blocks, making them amazing creations! I wouldn’t even be able to make my videos without ReplayMod, which allows me to record all the footage in the game!

Q. Your videos show you having fun experimenting with the different features that Minecraft offers. Of all your videos, which video did you have the most fun shooting?

Oscar: Loved my Minecraft Desert Temple mega upgrade! It was a lot of fun using different materials. It’s hard to incorporate gold blocks into a build as they usually don’t work that well, but I was finally able to use them for that!

The Desert Temple has been reinvented by Minecraft fans hundreds of times, so I really enjoyed creating something totally off the beaten path!

Q. Having almost 2 million subscribers is quite a feat. Being a successful YouTuber yourself, do you admire other Minecraft creators? Who is your favorite?

Oscar: I actually don’t watch a lot of YouTubers these days, believe it or not! When Yogscast was playing Minecraft I watched them a lot, and they really inspired me to play the game!

Q. When you are not immersed in the world of Minecraft, what hobbies do you enjoy?

Oscar: I definitely consider my job to be a hobby of mine which is a huge bonus! But outside of Minecraft, I hang out with Steph. We love to watch movies, play other video games, and go out to try new things!

We’re big fans of escape rooms and love discovering new things to do around London!

Q. What kind of video games did you play growing up? Besides Minecraft, are there any other video games that you like?

Oscar: I played a lot of Pokémon growing up, and I still love it now! And over the years, I’ve played tons of games, like Rocket League, GTA, Zelda, etc. I also really enjoyed the latest Spider-Man games – so excited about the new one in 2023!

Q. It looks like you’re a Game of Thrones fan as well since you have a dedicated playlist of GoT versions in Minecraft. How long did it take to create each kingdom from scratch? What do you think of GoT’s final season?

Oscar: Yes, I am a big fan of GoT! These realms probably took me about 50 hours each, although it seems so far away now, I can’t remember exactly.

As for last season, I was very disappointed. I think we all were!

Q. Being a professional YouTuber comes with its challenges. Have you always dreamed of being a YouTuber when you were little? What profession did you want to do before you became YouTuber Minecraft?

Oscar: Becoming a YouTuber has been a dream of mine since I was a child – the fact that it has come true sometimes seems surreal!

As I mentioned earlier, I graduated in VFX from college, so my intention was to become a VFX Artist for Movies or Games, focusing specifically on digital sculpting. I absolutely loved it, but I wouldn’t trade my career for the world!

Q. There are many aspiring YouTubers out there who want to secure their identity as content creators. What message would you like to share with them?

Oscar: As cliché as it sounds, don’t give up! My channel was once just a hobby, like most budding YouTubers! Just stay focused on the content you enjoy, try to keep up with current trends, and do your research on the right titles, thumbnails, and audience retention.

There is an element of luck at first, but making sure you do the right thing really increases your chances of getting noticed and then building an audience afterwards!

Prepare for a close examination as well. The internet is a wonderful place and I am fortunate to have my amazing Blox Fam community behind me, but you will find trolls and critics everywhere. Just focus on the positives and keep trying

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