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Andhra Pradesh; BJP State Chairman Soma Veeraju made key comments on Andhra Pradesh state policy. In AP (Andhra Pradesh) He said important developments will happen soon. He revealed that unexpected situations are going to happen in AP. He said the BJP leadership will take the most important decision regarding the PA. political situation
He said no one could figure out how it happened. He said soon there will be developments in AP beyond the movie scenes.

He said that Jagan, who is not afraid of anyone, is afraid of Narendra Modi. He claimed that the BJP is the only party capable of defeating the YCP. He said if the tank was burned in Antarvedi, the government would fall under the pressure of the BJP. He said the BJP is the party that rocked Jagan’s government. He said the BJP fought if the statues and floats were destroyed. He said if they were to take a political trip from Rama Tirtha to Kapila Tirtha, they would back down. Rayalseema will also travel and undertake projects. Polavaram is not the only expatriate. Veerraju revealed that there are expats all over the PA.

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