A series of Internet sensation films will host their premiere

“Mudblood,” a three-part Harry Potter fan series tied to Avon and Elyria, was set to have a free, private premiere at Atlas Cinemas in Elyria on December 17.

However, based on prior contractual obligations, it will not air, Atlas officials said.

Two Lorain County natives, along with a host of other creatives, brought this vision to life.

The series was written and directed by Avon native Conrad Faraj, and Elyria native DeJonna Williams produced it.

The film centers on a teenage witch named Muriel Warrington who finds refuge in America after fleeing Hogwarts.

The series is an offshoot of the original Harry Potter series, Williams said.

“We created a side story and dove a bit into what was happening in America at the time of these London-based movies,” she said. “‘Mudblood’ is truly an American story.”

Faraj said the series developed during the novel coronavirus pandemic as a passion project.

“My very first movie at 13 was a Harry Potter movie, and with the pandemic I started thinking about why I started doing movies,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to make a Harry Potter movie and direct one, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity.”

Faraj said he and his team produced the first installation of “Mudblood” in 2020 and received funding for the final two episodes this year.

He said the majority of the series was filmed on the west side of Cleveland.

“I love finding cool places around Ohio and Cleveland,” Faraj said. “It’s great to be able to find these hidden gems in order to film and bring these ideas that were going through my head to life.”

The first two installations of “Mudblood” have already garnered over two million views on YouTube.

Williams said the series has around half a million subscribers on TikTok and more than 50 million views across all trailers and promos posted on the platform.

Faraj said he was grateful for the reception to the series.

“I loved seeing the reaction from other Harry Potter fans,” he said. “The fact that millions of fans have truly embraced our story is mind-blowing and the most impressive thing.”

Williams said she enjoys seeing the development of everyone involved.

“My favorite part is watching everyone hone their craft and the show come to life,” she said. “Everyone is so talented, and we couldn’t have done this without anyone.”

She said her passion is to inspire local youth to get involved in the film industry.

“One of the things I’m focusing on in the coming years is getting more kids involved in filmmaking,” Williams said. “There are so many great film opportunities and projects coming to Cleveland and hiring local actors, it’s a great way to gain experience.”

The trailer for the third film is on the Conrad Studios YouTube Channel.

The first two installations of “Mudblood” are available for streaming on YouTube.

Andrea G. Henderson