9 Horror Movie Plot Points Secretly Introduced Earlier Than You Realized

If you consider yourself a super observant person, then perhaps one of your favorite things to do when watching movies is to separate out every little prop and event. By doing this you are sometimes able to catch every tiny ounce of foreshadowing or every teasing reference to events that are yet to come, events that will shock us.

Horror movies often put audiences so on edge that they aren’t exactly able to pay calm attention to every little thing, but rather hide behind their fingers dreading the next leap. Perhaps that’s why horror directors and filmmakers get away with hiding so many clues and clues throughout their films.

Whether it’s a big plot twist or just an unfinished plot point, you can predict a lot if you look in the right places and listen at the right time. But then again, why put yourself through all that stress and effort – all the endless replays and painstaking scouting – when I can just tell you exactly where to look for some of them? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re welcome.

One of my favorite movies of 2020, The Invisible Man is absolutely full of little Easter eggs, references, and foreshadowing if you look closely.

Of course, one of the biggest revelations we get near the end of the film is that the man in question isn’t working alone, in fact there are TWO invisible men working together. The idea of ​​multiple people working together to torment Cecilia with their costumes was actually seeded much earlier than you might think – even appearing for the first time in the very first sequence of the movie!

The film opens with an incredibly tense few minutes as Cecilia executes her escape from her abusive home. She crawls around her house in silence, having given her partner Adrian sleeping pills to help keep him knocked out. To help keep her escape as untraceable as possible, she enters Adrian’s lab in the basement of the house to turn off the various security cameras.

His lab contains not one but several invisibility suits, as well as tested parts to further assemble or improve current suits. We’re led to assume that only Adrian is pursuing her, but right from the start, we actually know he could (and does!) have a horrific accomplice.

Andrea G. Henderson