9 best quotes from the Expendables movie series

When it comes to drunken action The Expendables series, few fans show up for the dialogue. However, while the shootouts and fight scenes take most of the glory, there are a few memorable quotes that stand out from the trilogy.

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With so many action stars stuck in these movies, it’s no surprise that there are more than a few tough badass lines. But the movie also has a lot of comedic moments that he likes to lean on. While they might not be Shakespeare, these quotes can keep fans entertained between all the blasts.

9 “Who’s next?” Rambo? “- Trench

Trench coat (Arnold Schwarzenegger) with a giant pistol in The Expendables 2

The first one Consumables The film features a collection of action heroes that would make even the MCU jealous. But the cast of tough guys only keeps growing to the point that it almost becomes a joke how many tough guys are on screen.

During the decisive battle of The Expendables 2, all the heroes come together. When Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sees Booker (Chuck Norris) joining the battle, he wonders if the action hero Rambo is coming. It’s one of those moments where the movie seems to break the fourth wall and recognize how absurd it is.

8 “Follow him. Find him. Kill him.” -Barney

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) pointing a gun in The Expendables 2

Although The Expendables uses the team approach in missions, that doesn’t mean the missions are too complicated. The Expendables 2 becomes a mission of revenge with Barney Ross and his team in pursuit of the villain who killed their young partner. After putting their comrade to rest, the team asks Barney what the plan is from here and he gives a perfectly straightforward answer.

Stallone delivers the line with the kind of action hero he’s become known for. It’s hard not to be excited when that line drops, and the movie really kicks off. It also reflects the straightforward approach to the film’s plot.


7 “Remember that shit on Christmas!” – Caesar

Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) with a big gun in The Expendables

There are a lot of big guns in play in The Expendables, but the most impressive and intimidating belongs to Hale Caesar (Terry Crews). The film takes its time to reveal the full power of the weapon, but when it does, it’s loud and messy.

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Barney and the others find themselves trapped in a tunnel by an army of enemies. Then, Caesar appears with his cannon and begins to explode, literally wiping out enemies. When the dust settles, Caesar tells his team not to forget their gratitude.

6 “But after five days of excruciating pain… the cobra died.” – Booker

Booker (Chuck Norris) walking the battlefield in The Expendables 2

Chuck Norris has never been such a big action star as Stallone and Schwarzenegger, but his legacy has morphed into something else over time. There was a popular trend online for years of people joking about the hilarious and implausible badass feats that Norris pulled off.

When Norris appears in The Expendables 2 As Booker, the movie can’t help but include one of those silly gags in the movie. Barney comments upon hearing that Booker was bitten by a cobra. Booker confirms that this happened and that it did not end as the Cobra intended.

5 “This is the happiest time of my life! “- Galgo

Galgo (Antonio Banderas) with a gun in The Expendables 3

Although there are countless big stars in The Expendables 3, Antonio Banderas steals the show as the unpredictable Galgo. He is a very energetic and very talkative soldier who is desperate to get back to the action and join the team.

The other cast members maintain their harsh looks and gruff characters, but Banderas plays his part with childish glee. In the very violent and dangerous final battle, Galgo can’t help but exclaim his happiness in the middle of a fight.

4 “I now pronounce the man and the knife to you.” – Xmas

Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) throwing knives at church dressed as The Expendables 2 priest

There are plenty of hilarious action movies in history, whether they are intentionally funny or not. The Expendables has a few lines that will probably divide fans in the middle. Some will find them too lame to enjoy them while others will embrace the silliness and have fun with it.

One of these lines comes from Lee Christmas in The Expendables 2. Disguised as a priest, Christmas approaches an unsuspecting villain and delivers this line that will likely make fans moan but also clap for his sheer silliness.

3 “Warning shot… Small weak.” “- Gunner

Gunner (Dolph Lundgren) hiding behind a wall with a gun in The Expendables

Dolph Lundgren’s Gunner is the team’s wild card, especially in the first film. He is much more reckless and brutal than his comrades, which puts him at odds with them following the opening mission.

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When it comes to hostage-taking at sea, The Expendables and the pirates are in a tense stalemate. The gunner decides to fire a warning shot over the head of the main pirate to cut him in half with the explosion. His causal assessment of “Little Low” suggests that this could have been his intention all along.

2 “Tax evasion.” – Doctor

Wesley Snipes The Expendables 3 Close Up

Few franchises wink at the camera as often as The Expendables movies. There are countless jokes and references to the iconic nature of these actors and their long careers. While many of these lines seem rather forced, there is one case where it gets a lot of laughs.

The opening scene of The Expendables 3 finds the team rescuing Barney Doc’s jailed colleague (Wesley Snipes) from a secret prison. When the mission is complete, Barney’s team asks Doc why he was locked up. With a smile, Doc tells them it was tax evasion, a nod to Snipes’ own legal issues.

1 “Next time, I’ll deflate all your balls, my friend.” – Xmas

Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) The Expandables basketball fight scene

The first film features a rather unnecessary story about Christmas and his ex-girlfriend, Lacy. While it sounds very out of place in this action story, it does allow for a fun time when Christmas faces off against Lacy’s abusive new boyfriend on a basketball court.

Not looking to play a game, Christmas beats the man and his friends. He then slams a bullet through the man’s chest and stabs him with a large knife before letting him know what will happen next time. He’s a silly badass one-liner, but it’s undeniably fun.

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