8 Movie Scenes That Ask Bigger Questions Than The Main Plot, According To Reddit

Some films can go down the wrong path, following a narrative when they had a chance to tell much more interesting stories that stared them in the face. Whether it’s an entire scene, a passing line of dialogue, or a mysterious character, these films all ask bigger questions than the actual premise of the film.

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Unfortunately, the questions will probably never be answered. But while that might be what Redditors think they want, it’s for the best, because it’s the mystery that intrigues audiences, and when it’s no longer a mystery, it’s not. is more interesting.


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Furiosa Road Fury Charliez Theron

Lenflakasinski is perplexed by “the waders of Mad Max: Fury Roadwho are only there for a few shots. “The characters have the most distinctive designs of any character in the film, which is saying a lot considering all the fascinating designs in the film. The characters have stilts attached to each leg and arm, and they literally walk past the camera at some point during Max and Furiosa’s travels.

The design is so confusing, but it’s also fascinating world-building. However, the real name given to them is Crow Fisher, and the common theory is that they dress like that and use stilts because it’s the best way to cross the marshy terrain of Green Place.

Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

Cantina Aliens Star Wars A New Hope

When it comes to influential films, Star Wars: A New Hope Completely reimagined sci-fi, and it was just as fantastic with all of its unique alien creatures. It was a perfect world-builder, as it revealed just enough to inspire fans’ imaginations, which is what Hungry-Paper2541 believes is more interesting than the main plot of star wars.

The Redditor posits that “the endless random creatures and plot-unrelated locations made the world so big.” But, ironically, as the force awakens repeated the same beats as A new hopeit feels like the world has only shrunk since the original eye-opening movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

the adventurers of the lost ark warehouse

The Raiders of the Lost Ark is essentially the epitome of modern adventure movies, as it follows Indiana Jones on her race against the Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant. But while the search for the mysterious ark is entertaining every step of the way, it’s when the government puts it away in a warehouse at the very end of the film that Roto_disc find the most interesting.

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The Redditor thinks the biggest question in the 1981 film is “when you see the piles and piles of government secrets all locked away. The ambiguity goes a long way.” And, ironically, when Indiana returns to the warehouse of The Kingdom of the Crystal SkullAmong the millions of other things that could have been revealed, the public once again gets a glimpse of the ark.

Alien (1979)

alien 1979

BayFormersInDisguise mentionned Extraterrestrial and the unanswered questions about the ship and the pilot, explaining that “I found this much more interesting than the rest of the film.” However, there is a classic rule of storytelling, which is to leave the audience wanting more, and Extraterrestrial achieves this perfectly.

The scene gives the audience just enough to speculate, and what those machines are and who that pilot might be is one of the most intriguing unsolved mysteries, and if Ridley Scott has ever tried to answer it, it may be disappointing. . Unfortunately, the director attempted exactly that with Prometheus. Although the film’s attempt to answer fan questions about the pilot ended up being disappointing, the way it ties into the larger universe is why Prometheus isn’t as bad as fans think.

Fury (2014)

Fury is David Ayer’s best film, as it sees him doing what he does best, depicting real feelings among alpha males as they are thrown into battle. For the most part, the film follows an American tank crew as it passes behind enemy lines, but Mattyglen87 points out that the most interesting part of the film is when they aren’t portrayed as heroes.

The Redditor points to the scene in the middle of the film when they’re in the apartment, as “all the actors give incredible performances showing how the horrors of war have turned them into monsters, or on the brink.” After that scene, the film slips back into the tropes of a generic war movie, and it would have been more interesting to see the film delve deeper into their trauma.

Big Trouble Little China (1986)

Jack and Wang protect Grace in Big Trouble In Little China

Big problem in little China is such a ridiculous movie, but it’s so much fun and possibly the most unpretentious movie ever made. The film follows Jack, who must save a daughter from a Chinese prince and a crime lord, but there’s also a heavy fantasy element to it, as it’s also full of curses, spirits and strange creatures.

Being a fan of the 1986 film, BarrelAged94 refers to “some of the weird and quirky creatures” in the movie as asking bigger questions. Almost the same as star warsnone of the creatures from the cult classic are explained, leaving much of the film rather ambiguous and letting the audience make the connection.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

K and giant hologram in Blade Runner 2049.

World-building is Denis Villeneuve’s modus operandi. Let it be crime drama Sicario or the whimsical low-budget sci-fi movie Enemythe most interesting parts of his films are what is hidden from the public. Blade Runner 2049 is no different, and there are actually several different instances in the 163-minute film that are huge steps towards establishing a franchise.

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DigiMagic puts it best by explaining that the film features “a rogue artificial intelligence with its own agendas, the replicating resistance movement, and colonies in other star systems.” Unfortunately, all of these themes and story arcs are just hints.

Blade Runner (1982)

Roy Batty with a dove in Blade Runner

Of all the construction of the world in blade runnerwhether it’s the futuristic technology or the neon-lit streets, all of which only appear for a brief moment, it’s actually Roy Batty’s monologue that Ooooooo find the most interesting. The Redditor thinks there’s something hidden in the surprisingly heartbreaking monologue that hints at a much bigger narrative.

In the monologue, Batty mentions “burning attack ships near Orion’s shoulder”. Although this is one of the best movie monologues, this line of dialogue goes unanswered. However, it’s something that could be covered in the next TV series, Blade Runner 2099.

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