8 Famous Christmas Movie Scenes + Recipes

What would Christmas be without a family spin-off around the festive table, or a failed turkey as a centrepiece? If you’ve suffered from any of these festive blues, you’re in good company, with people like Chevy-Chase and Dan Akroyd turning them into comedy gold in some of the film’s most iconic festive foodie moments.

Take a look at these iconic scenes and recreate the recipes, without making a scene at home this Christmas:

Famous Christmas Movie Scenes + Recipes

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Turkey is over

Expectations are high around the Griswold party table when America’s most devoted dad, Clark Griswold a.k.a Chevrolet Chase, announces: “If this turkey is half as good as it looks, I think we’re all in for a treat.” Naturally, the turkey is a parched disaster and in the midst of tears, he utters those uncomfortable words no chef ever wants to hear: “It’s just a little dry, it’s okay.”

Here’s how to cook a whole turkey and avoid a family scene.

Santa – Judy the elf’s hot chocolate

When Scott Calvin, actor Tim Allenmust replace Santa Claus following a misadventure in this Christmas comedy-drama, he ends up going to the North Pole where Judy the elf brings him a hot chocolate which took 1200 years to perfect: “Not too hotin addition Chocolateshaken not moved.”

Here is Binger with Babish with his version of the hot chocolate recipe from Santaso you don’t have to wait for Judy’s.

Stock exchanges – Santa’s salmon

A disheveled Santa Claus, Louis (Dan Aykroyd), hits rock bottom as he nibbles on his Christmas dinner on the bus, a whole salmon he hid in his jacket.

Salmon don’t have to be sad at Christmas. Here’s how to cook salmon in the hands of Michelin chefs.

Alone at home – Mac’n’cheese in the microwave

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) never gets a chance to feast on her Christmas dinner of microwaved mac and cheese for one before the clock strikes nine.

Learn how to make the best mac and cheese and you’ll probably never find yourself home alone.

A Christmas story – Roast turkey at Chop Suey Palace

The Parkers go out for Christmas dinner at Bo’ Ling Chop Suey Palace Chinese restaurant in Bob Clarkthe 1983 movie, after the Bumpus Hounds eat their turkey, only to find out that “Chinese Turkey”, actually means duck in this case.

Don’t let Christmas fly out the window, here are ten easy recipes to get the most out of duck.

Elf – Spaghetti with maple syrup

“We elves like to stick to the four main food groups: candies, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup” announces Will Ferrellaka one of Santa’s elves, having swallowed a bottle of Coke and drowning his spaghetti in maple syrup much to the horror of his hosts.

Learn how to make authentic spaghetti carbonara, which the elves would hate.

How the Grinch Stole Dr. Seuss’ Christmass – The roasted ‘beast’

A reformed Grinch returns all of the Whos’ gifts and food, and is allowed to attend their Christmas party and carve the roasted beast himself in his cave.

Don’t be a curmudgeon, learn how to recreate your very own roast beast, aka the turkey, for your friends this Christmas, in the capable hands off Andrew Rea in the clip below:

The Polar Express – Never let it cool

tom hank is in character as the conductor of a train heading for the North Pole in this lively Christmas musical as he and his back-up singers, or waiters, arrive serving freshly made hot chocolate to a rendition of.. .’hot chocolate’, reminding children to ‘never let it get cold’.

Instead of making it a song and dancing to it, choose from our hot chocolate recipes instead, ranging from Mexican and Spicy to Hot Chocolate Bombs.

Andrea G. Henderson