31 best movie series of all time


Do you have a lot of free time and a few streaming services to share it with? Or maybe a bunch of those classic movies you’re supposed to watch before you turn 30 to finish? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you haven’t been miraculously blessed with days of free time to binge-watch, these movie series are the ones to catch up on ASAP. These are for movie buffs who like a good story told over the course of a few movies – and TBH, the stories might not even always be that good, but the characters and settings are fun, k? I will defend my love of movie trilogies and franchises to the death, y’all.

Some of these films are so tightly woven together that they were made as one cohesive work of art – think the Lord of the Rings and the before sunrise movies. Others may have taken a bit of a… winding road to get there, but we still love the destination – basically everything Marvel, but mostly Thor, Iron Manand Spider Man. Some kind of got their vibe as they went – looking at you, Fast and Furious movies! But no matter what path we took to get there, sometimes it’s fun to watch an epic idea or character evolve (and hang out with some actors you love). So watch these 31 movie series and get ready to waste your whole weekend.

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the Ocean’s Eleven Series

These films are full of top-notch actors and each time give us a clever mystery of thieves stealing stuff. It’s also constantly, constantly outdoing itself. (The Sandra Bullock-Rihanna movie Ocean 8 is also very good but takes the series in a new direction, once you’re done with these three.)

Watch Ocean’s Eleven

Watch Ocean’s Twelve

Watch Ocean’s Thirteen

I mean, you could technically list every Marvel movie on this list, but there are just too many to consider a “series” at this point. If you want to isolate some movies you might like (or want to dip a toe into the huge franchise), consider the hilarious but surprisingly moving Tom Holland-Zendaya Spider Man movies. Don’t worry, more Marvel tapings are coming.

Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming

Watch Spider-man: Far From Home

watch spider-man: no way home


the Impossible mission Series


the Bridget Jones Series

Fair warning (and I’ll probably say this a lot throughout this list): the early movies are better than the late ones. In fact, I’d say the first and third are the ones you should really prioritize, but maybe do the top three and watch 4 and 5 if you are bored. Bruce Willis as a frustrated and hilarious cop just trying to save a bunch of people is a fun time.

watch die hard

watch die hard 2

watch die hard: with a vengeance


freddie Movies

The films in this “trilogy” don’t have much in common except for the characters involved (Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) and the fact that each takes on a genre (zombie, cop, sci-fi , in this order), doesn’t care and also becomes a really solid film in this genre. All three are worth seeing.





the Harry Potter Movies


the paranormal activity Movies

Oh hey, bursting into tears, nice to see you! Like many Pixar movies, this series is built for maximum ~emotional damage~ (and third is the best, there’s no debating). But they’re also incredibly reviewable, even the quirky fourth movie, which you probably haven’t seen yet.

watch a toy story

watch toy story 2

watch toy story 3

watch toy story 4


the IndianaJones Movies


the the Lord of the Rings Trilogy


the Back to the future Trilogy

Fans of epic romance, stream it immediately. Taken as a whole, this trilogy runs through the entirety of a flawed but strong relationship: the hot and sexy crush phase. Reconnecting and “Will this work in the long run?” debate. The “We’ve been together a long time but we still want it to work out” stage. It’s more realistic than you think.

watch before sunrise

watch before sunset

watch before midnight


the Fast and Furious Franchise

Ok, so the first one is fine and the second one just sucks. But your patience will be rewarded because the third one is probably the funniest in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And there’s a fourth coming out this summer, so catch up now!

watch thor

watch thor: the dark world

watch thor: ragnarok


the Black Knight Trilogy

Listen, there are a lot of Batman movies, and some of them are terrible. (Who’s gonna watch all these movies unless they love character?) So stick to those of director Christopher Nolan, who tends to make action movies watchable and compelling even when they’re weird.

watch batman begin

watch the dark knight

watch the dark knight rise

Robert Downey Jr. is largely responsible for the success of the MCU franchise. His sarcastic but sentimental Iron Man is basically a blueprint for a lot of characters to follow – and the first two movies are a nice setup for the best movie of the bunch, Iron man 3.

watch iron man

watch iron man 2

watch iron man 3

Considering that a Scream The movie literally just came out, and there’s already another one planned, it’s the horror series that continues. I’d say that while the third one is probably the weakest of all the movies, it’s worth catching them all if you like the original. (And if you want even more, there’s a TV show!)

watch scream

watch scream 2

watch scream 3

watch scream 4

watch scream

If you only know Jamie Lee Curtis as the middle-aged badass in the new movies, do yourself a favor and watch these original films. There, she’s a final badass teen, and the transformation is deeply enjoyable. (Note: there are many more movies in this series, but I’m only including the two classics and the two recent ones with JLC because they’re the best.)

watch halloween

watch halloween 2

watch halloween

watch halloween kills


The Daniel Craig james bond Movies


the Final destination Movies


the hunger games Movies

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