25 Images That Show How Some Of Cinema’s Most Famous Movie Scenes Were Shot

If you like to know how things are done, and at the same time you are also a fan of movie theater, then we can only tell you that you have come to the right place. Users of Reddit have indeed created a collection of a whole series of images which show how some of the most famous film scenes were shot and which we specify will end up changing the images forever for the way you watch these films from now on .

I’m a legend

The evil dogs in the movie are actually played by green men.


Do you remember that scene where ET is wearing a ghost costume and we can see through his eyes? Well now we know how they actually pulled it off.

ET's point of view

Green screen

Michael Jordan managed to star in Space Jam in 1996 in the weirdest way possible (or maybe not). In fact, ours starred alongside cartoon characters for most of the film’s production, so that was definitely a bit difficult.

Lots of green screen

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean series had many locations to photograph. Some more complicated than others, as you might expect, but we imagine that each location has its own challenges. According to this image, we assume that the hardest part was underwater.

Filming in the Caribbean Sea

Quite different from the result

It’s hard to imagine what this scene from Avengers: Infinity War would look like without CGI! The reverse landscape looked amazing in the final shot, and thanks to this behind-the-scenes photo, we know how the original sequence was shot.

Quite different from the result

The effects of make-up and a prosthetic jaw

Marlon Brando in his mythical interpretation of Don Corleone in The Godfather.

The effects of make-up and a prosthetic jaw


Want to know how Super Man manages to fly? Well, very strong and resistant hooks are enough!

Flying Takes in many repetitions

Pi’s life

In fact, using a real tiger was too dangerous…

Eye (and more) of the tiger

No, it’s not a real Alien

As the title suggests, no, it’s not an Alien but a man too big.

Not an alien, just a really big man

Dr Octopus

Alfred Molina as Doctor Octavius ​​/ Octopus had to deal with both the CGI and some physical parts to “control” his own tentacles.

Dr Octopus doesn't need Cgi

James Gunn and the Raccoons

In Guardians of the Galaxy there’s a scene where Drax pets a tender (but not so) raccoon Rocket…too bad he’s actually a man.

Double the body of a raccoon

Star Wars and robots

In Star Wars Episode VII, BB-8 does not move at all on his own.

sorry to disappoint


At Hannibal, the makeup was truly exceptional.

Now that's awesome

The disappearance of 006

The intense scene was mostly shot in a green-screen studio, and to capture the agent’s fall, a special camera was used to make Sean Bean look like he was airborne in GoldenEye.

The disappearance of 006

Winter is coming…

Filming Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight in 2015 was no easy feat. For a film that is primarily set in a winter climate, there were a lot of challenges on set and this image illustrates just how complicated and amazing it was to shoot this film.

Good weather for filming

Hulk and Thor face to face

This picture needs no description…does it?

Looks like Hulk skipped leg day

star wars

The opening sequence of Star Wars: Episode IV in 1977 was a mixture of special effects and a real screen.

The most famous opening crawl of all time

Forrest Gump

Many digital changes have been made to Forrest Gump, including our favorite lieutenant who was an amputee, having lost two legs in the Vietnam War. And actor Gary Sinise was to wear blue boots that would later be erased in the editing room.

These boots were made to disappear

Young and beautiful

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 a valuable rejuvenation process has been carried out.

Young and Fabulous

No, there’s no ice cream between Jack and Mary

We think everyone understands that James Cameron’s Titanic wasn’t filmed in the frozen ocean. And indeed the heartbreaking scene with Jack and Rose at the end of the film, like the rest of the post-iceberg scenes, was shot in a hot pool.

Not as icy as it looks


This image shows how the terrifying staircase scene in The Shining was shot, with Jack Nicholson (Jack) chasing Shelley Duvall (Wendy) down the stairs. The camera was placed on a ramp next to the actors so that the sequence would be very fluid

All work and no play

No, it’s not Photoshoppata

Did you know that the Siberian landscapes seen in GoldenEye in 1995 are actually fake? Well, the production has created a whole miniature set of the winter Russian province to imitate the frozen lands.

It is not photoshopped

wonder woman

We’re completely shocked to find out, but apparently Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman isn’t wearing boots. His shoes are actually heeled sandals, and the rest are leg armor, not boots.

wonderful feet

Tarantino and the Lights

This image from the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood set shows how the production artificially lit an entire highway for the film.

Lighting on Hollywood Highway

A mythical direction

How often do we see directors working so closely with their actors? We love Martin Scorsese’s performance as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. And Martin Scorsese directed Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio very, very closely.

A staging legend

Reddit Pictured here with actors Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio (who has starred in many Scorsese films) in this intimate and infuriating fight scene, we get a glimpse of the setting and how he apparently gets involved in his mise en place. on stage.

Andrea G. Henderson