21 movie scenes that gave me a second hand embarrassment

“Slam! Poetry! Yell ! Angry ! “

You know when you watch a movie and a scene makes you cringe so hard you literally can’t watch anymore? AKA, you get secondary embarrassment.

Well, I REALLY get side embarrassment so I decided to compile a list of 21 movie moments that just make me want to hide my face. Here they are!


When Satine seduces Christian by Red Mill!:

20th century fox

I LOVE this movie, and I find this scene funny, but god is it uncomfortable to watch, especially after Satine started to moan and scream. I get to the point where I just beg Christian to sing.


When Maggie tries to kiss Mike 17 again:

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It’s literally a girl trying to kiss her dad. It’s more disgusting than funny. No thanks!


And also when he “reads” Scarlett the “letter from Mike”:

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I literally can’t watch this scene. The judge and everyone in there is like, “What the fuck is this?” And I couldn’t agree more, even knowing the background to this one.


When Elisa waves her hand to show how the creature’s penis works The shape of water:

Fox spotlight photos

I know it’s a little while, but I HATE IT A LOT. Uh, that movie.


When Jackson takes the stage during Ally’s Grammy win and pees in his pants A star is born:

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This scene is really horrible and uncomfortable to watch, and it’s much sadder than embarrassing, but still. I can barely sit on it.


The threesome scene in Zoolander:

Paramount Pictures

It’s supposed to be funny, but for me it’s just cranky.


When Dewey’s identity comes out and he tries to tell parents what he’s doing in Rock school:

Paramount Pictures

He could have chosen better words.


When Mrs. Doubtfire was exposed as Daniel in Mrs. Doubtfire:

20th century fox

I just imagine I’m in this situation and my skin starts to crawl. Not that I would be in this situation. If you think about it, this movie is pretty messed up.


When Lara Jean lip-synced with “Moral of the Story” in To all the boys I’ve loved before:


I know it’s not meant to be cranky, but I literally can’t watch it.


When Schmidt did a slam poem on the spot at 22, rue du saut:

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To be fair, this is VERY quotable.


The whole dance scene in Bring it: all or nothing:

Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Why did I think this was a great, normal scene when I was a kid ??


When Buddy thought Miles was an elf in Elf:


The whole turtle club scene Master of Disguise:

Sony photo output

Really, the whole movie.


The dance scene in Spider-man 3:

Sony photo output

To date, I have not been able to see this film again.


When Shelly had a second date with Oliver in The rabbit house and tried to sound like it read:


Basically every time Fletcher has told the truth in Liar liar, but especially when he was in the elevator with the woman and kept talking about her breasts:


The dance scene in white chicks:

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You are probably feeling a theme with dances here.


When David tries to tell Elizabeth’s sister that he sees his ghost in Like paradise:


When Viola got a little too much in her feelings as Sebastian in She is the man:


When Sally pretends to have an orgasm in a restaurant in When Harry meets Sally:

Colombia Pictures

If I was in this restaurant … I would just leave.


And finally, the sex scene of Super bad:

Now it’s your turn! Which movie scenes make YOU cringe? Let us know in the comments!

Andrea G. Henderson