18 holes and questions in the plot of a horror movie

“Why didn’t the family just live next to a waterfall?”


“It took a CHILD to figure out that high frequency sounds harm creatures? The military couldn’t figure that out? I always loved the movies, but they’re FULL of plot holes.”


“These parents had no common sense. Who just conceived a child in the middle of an apocalypse where you’re not supposed to make a sound? Did they just forget that babies cry a plot?”


Author’s Note: The pregnancy storyline sparked a LOT of discussion in the comments. Several commenters said that birth control was probably not readily available during the apocalypse, but others pointed out that since insulin was always available at the pharmacy, it would make sense that birth control/condoms also exists. That said, no birth control method is 100% effective.

NEVERTHELESS. I dove deep for this and found that John Krasinski (who played Lee) was talking about the plot point in an episode of The Empire Podcast, and it looks like the pregnancy may have been an intentional choice, in part motivated by the death of their child, handsome. “Some people break up [after a loss]”, Krasinski said. “And then the other version is that you force yourself to move on, and it almost becomes this recalibration of your whole life trying to have another child. I think it’s somewhere in the middle [here].”

Andrea G. Henderson