15 Stupid Movie Plot Holes We Didn’t Notice The First Time Around

What makes a film exceptionally good? It’s when the elements are so strong that you love the film despite all its flaws. Take a look at some really dumb movie plots that people tend to overlook due to the incredible quality of their movie:

In Back to the future, at 10:04 p.m. sharp, lightning struck the clock tower. However, they do not know the exact second. With their limited information, Marty could easily hit the wire a full minute too early or too late.

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Holes in the film’s plot

In iron man 2, Tony nonchalantly decides to drive his own race car. However, Whiplash is already waiting for him on the track. Did Whiplash foresee the future? Because no one knew Tony would do that.

Holes in the film’s plot

Leia notoriously fails to rescue Han from Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi. Chewie would still be a prisoner otherwise. What was the plan here? Mount a second rescue for him and the droids?

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In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Barbossa dies from a gunshot wound he received before the immortality curse was lifted. Luckily Jack was unharmed, huh?

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In Django Unchained, Django blows up Candyland with dynamite. Funny thing is he did it before dynamite existed. Alfred Nobel patented dynamite nine years after the film was made.

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In Gremlins, they say never feed a mogwai after midnight. However, no one specifies when you can safely resume feeding them.

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ET’s ship takes off without him and he remains stuck on Earth. If he has the ability to fly, what is he still doing on earth?

Leeloo in The Fifth Element loses hope for humanity when she hits W for “war” in her encyclopedia. How could she not find B for “battle” or G for “genocide” or E for “execution”?

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In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the floor crumbles as Indy misspells “Jehovah” with his foot. Then he clings to letters that are also wrong. These other letters do not crumble. Does Jehovah have an awkward middle name?

In The dark knight rises, Batman is in a hurry to protect Gotham City from Bane’s agony. So the first thing he decides to do is waste time by making a huge flaming bat signal.

Edward Scissorhands excels in ice sculpting. But where do these huge blocks of ice come from? Were they just hanging out?

In Toy Story, all the toys stand still when Andy is around. When Buzz comes home, he doesn’t know he’s a toy and always follows that rule.

Holes in the film’s plot

Two friends are kidnapped Taken, Kim and Amanda. However, no one cares about Amanda. Bryan Mills is only looking for his daughter Kim.

It is established that you need an operator to enter the Matrix. However, Cypher connects without. It’s either that or his operator had no idea what he was doing.

In x-men, Magneto sports a helmet in order to prevent Xavier from finding him. However, nothing should prevent Xavier from finding Magnelo by locating his henchmen.

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Andrea G. Henderson