10 Widely Considered Movie Plot Holes That Aren’t Actually Plot Holes, According to Reddit

Since Light years released earlier in the year, a cut plot twist has been revealed, and if Pixar stuck with it, the film would have fixed a massive plot hole. Zurg was originally planned to be Buzz’s father, which would have pleased the audience much better than him being Buzz from the future, and it would have avoided so many paradoxes.

Tons of movies are filled with plot holes, whether big or small, but Redditors have noted that many aren’t plot holes at all, and there’s a valid explanation for a lot of them. between them. From the terrible aiming skills of the Stormtroopers to those who heard Charles Foster Kane say “rosebud”, Redditors have debunked these plots in great detail.


Stormtroopers have a bad aim in Star Wars (1977)

A squad of stormtroopers as seen in Star Wars A New Hope.

A deleted user disputes that many laugh at the aim of the Stormtroopers. It’s a long-held observation that for some reason not a single stormtrooper can accurately shoot, which is pretty handy for every hero in the star wars universe.

But the Redditor debunks that, explaining, “In this movie, we’re told the Stormtroopers were accurate in blowing up a sand crawler and it’s implied that the accuracy is typical, and then we find out that it’s was Vader’s plan to let Leia and her rescuers go.” Although this explains their terrible aim in A new hope, it does not explain why they cannot act in all the other films. And he reached another level in the Disney + series Obi Wan Kenobias the titular Jedi gets shot from all angles, but escapes without a single scratch.

Bruce’s return to Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne alongside the Batsuit in The Dark Knight Rises

Teatreevelvet thinks The dark knight rises receives too much flak for its plot holes and that they can easily be debunked. For the majority, The dark knight rises is an epic ending to Christopher Nolan’s near-perfect trilogy, but the closer the 2012 film gets to the conclusion, the less realistic it becomes.

Many have an issue with how quickly Bruce returns to Gotham after being trapped in the pit in the middle of nowhere by Bane. But the Redditor notes, “They don’t realize it’s been a few months since he came out of the pit, so he didn’t show up the next day.” However, while that may be true, it still doesn’t explain how he managed to enter Gotham after Bane turned the city into a fort where no one can enter or exit.

Indy’s Effect on the Raiders of the Lost Ark Narrative (1981)

Indiana Jones in an ancient temple in Raiders of the Lost Ark

A joint review of the original Indiana Jones movie, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, is that Indy has no effect on the narrative. The Nazis would have gotten their hands on the Ark of the Covenant, whether Indy was going on an adventure or not, and they would have opened it and everyone would have had their faces melted, regardless of Indy’s presence.

But Naynaythewonderhorse notes that it’s not a plot hole, commenting: “Great observation bro. Now tell me how it’s a ‘plot hole’. but a plot is something. something that contradicts the established world or something that creates a paradox. However, even if it’s not technically a plot, it certainly makes viewers think less when they realize the problem.

Nobody Heard “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane (1941)

A snow globe from the opening scene of Citizen Kane.

Everything that drives the plot of the 1941 classic Citizen Kane is the last word that Charles Foster Kane whispers just before his death. The character whispers “rosebud” to no one apparently, but everyone in the movie debates what it means and why he said it. Fans have often noted that this was the biggest pothole in cinema, given that no one could have heard him say it.

However, a deleted user corrects many, explaining: “The butler was there and heard it – he explains it bluntly. And yet this myth of a conspiracy in Citizen Kane keep going.” The answer itself is in the movie, but it’s still a bit of a stretch that the butler heard Kane mumbling “rosebud” from so far away.

Sarah Connor Can Operate a Hydraulic Press in The Terminator (1984)

After being chased by an unstoppable cyborg assassin from the future, Sarah Connor kills the T800 so theatrically in The Terminator. The heroine crushes the Terminator with an industrial hydraulic press, but many have wondered how Sarah Connor knew which button to press to use the machine.

En_Jay_Es debunks the plot hole, noting, “She knows because she accidentally pressed it a few minutes earlier and it set off the grinder, which is what led the Terminator to find them.” Despite the previous action, fans still call it a plot, but it’s storytelling 101, as director James Cameron expertly uses the “Chekhov’s Gun” premise.

Andy Can’t Repin poster in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption

One of the most shocking twists in cinema is the revelation that Andy has been digging a hole for 20 years in The Shawshank Redemption. The hole is hidden behind a poster in his jail cell, but fans have noted that when Andy climbed into the hole, it would have been impossible for him to pin the poster again.

However, BooshAC has a relatively simple answer that viewers have been ignoring all these years. The Redditor comments, “People seem to forget that if he just attaches the top of the poster to the wall, he can lift the poster and climb down the tunnel, and then gravity does the rest.”

The Stupid Scientists of Prometheus (2012)

Charlize Theron and Idris Elba watch something on the ship in Prometheus.

Prometheus often the subject of complaints among fans of the Extraterrestrial franchise, and it’s a hugely polarizing prequel, mostly because of all the plot holes that viewers are supporting. One of the common “plot holes” is that scientists are terrible at their jobs, but as OriginalMuffin notes, that’s not a plot hole at all, and it’s even explained in the movie.

The Redditor mentions: “In fact, they are said to be pretty much the opposite, with them effectively scraping the bottom of the barrel for scientists to accompany the expedition, and ended up attracting people who are only here to money. However, even someone who is not a scientist and has an average IQ would know not to remove their helmet on a planet where the atmosphere is completely unknown, so viewers would think that a scientist would be better informed.

Kevin’s Parents Never Call Him Home Alone (1990)

Old Man Marley and Kevin from Home Alone

Harrison5394 points out that everyone wonders why Kevin’s mom just didn’t call Kevin in the Christmas classic, Alone at home. It’s a simple action that would have solved everything, but the Redditor points out that she tried to call him several times, and it was even mentioned in the film that a power outage in the city prevented people from to be able to come into contact with each other.

The user explains, “The power and phone lines go down the night before they leave for the airport. That’s why they’re late for their flight and forget about Kevin in the first place.” An airport worker says the phone lines will be down for a while, but it’s still considered a conspiracy to this day.

Only room for one person on the door of the Titanic (1997)

Jack Rose

It is undeniable that Titanic is an incredible historical epic, but when Jack and Rose are in the water after the sinking of the Titanic, Rose takes on a huge floating door that most think would suit both of them. And Jack is then left to freeze to death in the water.

However, DarkNinjaPenguin argues, “The door was big enough for Rose and Jack. They knew it, he even tried to climb – but everything flipped, soaking them again. There wasn’t enough buoyancy for two adults. .” While that might be true, they didn’t try so hard to distribute their weight, and they might even have taken turns sitting on the door. While this could have resulted in the death of one of them, it would certainly have improved Jack’s chances of survival.

Water Allergic Aliens Would Not Visit Earth In Signs (2002)

Children Wearing Tin Foil Hats in Signs.

At the end of Panels, it is revealed that the aliens who have visited Earth are allergic to water, which has always been a terrible twist that causes a giant plot hole. Aliens advanced enough to travel to different planets would not be stupid enough to travel to a planet that is mostly water.

However, Precisionhat maintains that this is not a turnaround, suggesting: “Aliens in Panels we are actually demons and it was holy water that saved the Hess family.” Unfortunately, what the Redditor says is uncertain, and it’s nothing more than a fan theory. But since there’s nothing that explicitly indicates the creatures are aliens in the film, it’s absolutely plausible, and it turns the terrible plot twist into a great plot twist.

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