10 unexpected inspirations behind movie scenes

Every movie and every filmmaker’s creative process is different, but it’s often said that screenwriters should write what they know, as it will bring unquestionable honesty to the material.

And yet, inspiration sometimes comes from the most unexpected places, ensuring that audiences will never be able to understand how these filmmakers created such great and memorable scenes.

Sometimes it’s a writer translating his own personal horrors into an elevated screen antagonist, maybe he’s paraphrased an iconic line from another art medium entirely, or he might even have scour the depths of YouTube for authenticity.

These are just a few examples of the wildly unexpected influences behind these largely unforgettable movie scenes, each with a wonderfully weird and left-wing origin story.

In some cases, it was pure luck that things turned out the way they did, while in others, the filmmakers cleverly used their knowledge of the media to influence the current project they were working on.

Looking at these scenes, however, you’ll probably never guess where the ideas are coming from…

Alien’s Chestburster scene is one of the most unforgettable moments in movie history, when poor Kane (John Hurt) learns the hard way that he’s been impregnated with a xenomorph – which quickly explodes out of off his chest at dinner.

While the scene seems horribly otherworldly, it’s also so viscerally disturbing that it almost feels like it’s had be inspired by something tangible, right?

And it absolutely is, as alien writer Dan O’Bannon has repeatedly mentioned that the Chestburster scene was written as a tribute of sorts to his experiences living with Crohn’s disease, a bowel disease. inflammatory.

O’Bannon suffered from his then undiagnosed illness while writing Alien, and later describe the digestive process as “something bubbling inside… struggling to get out”.

And so, O’Bannon’s actual gastrointestinal discomfort set the stage for one of the most brilliantly gruesome scenes we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, complications from Crohn’s disease claimed O’Bannon’s life in 2009.

Andrea G. Henderson