10 shocking movie plot twists you didn’t know were foreshadowing

A shocking twist in a movie often catches audiences off guard. However, if fans take a closer look, they will notice some brilliant moments of foreshadowing that left a surprise. Indeed, a great filmmaker adds little clues that reveal the shocking moment without the audience realizing it. Of course, fans only pick up on these clues by reviewing the film a few times.

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In some cases, the director will frame a scene that subtly points to the characters’ shocking deaths. Other times, a character reveals the twist with a simple line of dialogue. These are all nifty little clues that the public often misses.

ten Interstellar

Interstellar revolves around Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper and a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in hopes of finding a new home for humans. At the start of the film, Cooper’s daughter Murphy notices some strange happenings around her library. She’s sure there’s a ghost in the room.

Of course, the big twist reveals that Cooper travels to another dimension and uses the library to talk to Murphy over time. However, the film brilliantly foreshadows the twist with the first piece of dialogue. After Cooper surprises Murphy, she tells her father, “I thought you were my ghost.” In the end, Cooper turned out to be the ghost behind the library after all.

9 Fight club

Tyler Durden and the narrator

Fight club follows the disillusioned Narrator, played by Edward Norton, who forms a fight club with soap salesman Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt. Of course, the iconic plot twist reveals that the Narrator and Tyler are one person. The memorable twist shocked audiences and critics alike who didn’t see the end coming. However, the film drops several subtle but clever clues about this turning point.

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Before the narrator meets Tyler, audiences see quick flashes of Tyler in the hospital, at the group meeting, and on the street. Later, the Narrator fights to blackmail his boss. During the fight, he mentions thinking about his first fight with Tyler. Of course, in either case, the Narrator is fighting against himself. The simple line suggests that Tyler is just a figment of his imagination.


8 Fall from the sky

Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in Skyfall

At the end of Fall from the sky, ex-MI6 agent Raoul Silva shockingly kills M. The death has caught many fans off guard since Judi Dench has portrayed M since 1995, surprising fans and breaking their hearts. Sure, Fall from the sky presents several references and clues hidden throughout the film about this death.

In fact, it leaves a significant clue in the opening credits that foreshadow the death of M. During the iconic opening cut, the camera zooms in on a gravestone after Dench’s name appears onscreen. The subtle moment is a stark clue that the film would kill Dench’s character.

seven The dead

Poster for The Departed, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson

Despite The dead celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2021, fans still find hidden clues that are easy to miss. The dead features several shocking deaths, but each includes a slight clue. Director Martin Scorsese cleverly uses an “X” to indicate that a character’s death is imminent.

Colin Sullivan and Billy Costigan appear in scenes where an “X” is noticeable. For example, Sullivan walks past graffiti on the street with a giant spray painted “X” in the background. Additionally, moments before Costigan’s death, he is standing in an elevator with two pieces of duct tape forming an “X” behind his head. Of course, Scorsese’s technique is so subtle that fans have to rewatch the film a few times to find any clues.

6 Prestige


In Prestige, Alfred Borden and Robert Angier wanted to create the greatest illusion, “L’Homme transporté”. The ending reveals two major plot twists. First, Alfred has a twin brother Freddy, and they lived a lifetime. Second, Angier created clones of himself and killed them. However, the film brilliantly foreshadows the twists and turns with the birdcage ride.

The trick is to kill one bird and then use a second to make it appear alive. At the start of the film, a young boy discovers the trick and asks about the bird’s brother. The line suggests that Alfred has a twin. Alfred and Freddy are similar to birds as one escapes freely while the other dies in prison. Plus, the trick also foreshadows Angier to kill his clone to frame Borden.

5 Shawshank’s Redemption

Andy celebrates his prison break in the rain in The Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank’s Redemption features a daring prison break and a heartbreaking storyline. For starters, the characters of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman have often gotten away with crazy plans, like how Andy Dufresne spent years using a jackhammer to make his way out of state prison. by Shawshank.

At one point, the warden walks past Andy’s cell. He takes Andy’s bible and notes, “Salvation is within. Of course Andy agrees because he hid the jackhammer in the bible. Indeed, salvation is literally found in the Bible. The disposable line takes on its full meaning once the keeper opens the bible to find the jackhammer’s hiding place. The incredible twist and foreshadowing helped make the film one of the greatest of all time.

4 Shutter island

Shutter Island Movie

In Shutter island, Deputy Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck investigate the case of a missing person at a mental hospital on the titular island. The shocking twist of the film reveals that Teddy is a patient at the facility and Chuck is one of its doctors. A very subtle clue foreshadows the plot twist at the start of the film.

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At the start of the movie, Chuck struggled to remove his gun from the holster as they entered the hospital. Of course, the reason he struggles is because he has no experience with using a gun. The subtle moment suggests that they are not US Marshals and truly a patient and a doctor.

3 Seven

Seven follows detectives David Mills and William Somerset hunting down a serial killer, John Doe. Of course, the film also features one of the more shocking plot twists, as Doe has Mills delivered a box containing the head of his wife Tracy. The horrible moment high Seven to a whole new level. It also caught audiences unawares who didn’t see the end coming.

However, there are several things fans don’t know about the making of Seven. For example, director David Fincher foreshadowed the twist in the way he shot the character of Tracy. Indeed, he often filmed her from the neck, which hints at her gruesome beheading. Plus, the shots for Tracy’s head take place right before they discuss John Doe’s next victim.

2 Get out

Daniel Kaluuya with tears in his eyes, scared in Get Out

Get out revolves around Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris Washington meeting his girlfriend Rose’s family for the first time. However, it turns out that the antagonists kidnap black victims and take possession of their bodies. Indeed, even Rose’s grandmother owns the creepy housekeeper Georgina.

Sure, Get out features classic horror Easter eggs that reveal the twist. At the start of the film, Rose’s dad notes that her mom loved cooking, “so we keep a piece of her in there.” Just past the line, the camera reveals Georgina standing in the middle of the kitchen. The incredible scene and dialogue prefigure the plot. It also alludes to Georgian’s possession.

1 psychopath

Janet Leigh in Psycho (1960)

In psychopath, Marion Crane overhears Norman Bates having several intense arguments with her mother, Norma. Of course, the shocking twist reveals that her mother has been dead for months, but Norman has preserved her body. In fact, he continued to dress her remains and argue with her. The plot twist was so shocking that audiences jumped from their seats and ran for the exit.

However, a scene between Norman and Marion reveals the midpoint twist of the film. Norman shows the taxidermy birds on his wall and states that his mother is as “harmless as those stuffed birds”. Indeed, Norman held the body of his mother like the birds on the wall. The subtle line predicts the shocking moment when Norma’s rotting corpse appears onscreen.

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