10 Scariest Horror Movie Scenes, According To Reddit

There are scenes from horror movies that are impossible to forget. Watch Tatum Riley die through the garage door Scream made an impression, just like the evil creepy clown in Fighting spirit. When checking out a new version, fans want to know if the characters are strong and if the story makes sense, but most of all, audiences are looking for memorable and terrifying scenes. The black phone is currently sending shivers down the spines of moviegoers and providing many unforgettable moments with The Grabber.

Fans on Reddit reflected on some of the most gruesome movies they’ve seen and shared the scenes that still make them shiver even thinking about them.


ten The conclusion of the Blair Witch Project

Still from the horror film The Blair Witch Project.

The Blair Witch Project is a movie that people thought was a true story when it was released in 1999, and it had a terrifying ending. When Heather and Mike hear Josh scream, they find a building that appears to belong to Rustin Parr, but since it was lost in a fire, it makes no sense to them. Both Mike and Heather lose their grip on their cameras, suggesting that The Blair Witch murdered them.

Redditor mcloofus shared that this conclusion freaked them out, writing, “It may seem quaint now, but as an avid backpacker and new to found footage at the time…” The final scene is definitely effective.

9 The video in the ring

Samara Morgan from the 2002 horror film The Ring.

Thinking of the most horrible scenes, Redditor PainStorm14 shared that for them it was the “video footage of The ring. It’s just unconsciously disturbing and it stays with you for days.” The tape itself is full of gross and terrible imagery, from the “ring” of a well to a bloody sea, a nail, Anna se brushing hair, a chair and a fly, which might just be the scariest part.

For many fans of the ringthe end of the videotape is the most haunting, as Samara climbs out of the well and emerges from the TV.

8 Ashlyn and Ashley die via tanning bed in Final Destination 3

Ashlyn in Final Destination 3 tanning bed scene

The Final destination the franchise has some deaths that are hard to forget because death finds the characters in distinct ways. In Final destination 3, Ashlyn Halperin and Ashley Freund are spending time at a tanning salon, and something goes seriously wrong.

Redditor AlwaysAdam569 called it “Hands down the most disturbing and gruesome scene I’ve ever seen in a movie.” When Ashlyn makes the tanning beds hotter, the VAC system gets confused and the beds begin to heat up to a deadly and dangerous temperature. It’s terrible to watch and one of the franchise’s most emotional deaths.

seven When Leatherface First Appears in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There are many hidden details in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which make the 1974 film all the more alarming, and for many horror fans, Leatherface is one of the most haunting villains. It made an impression from its first introduction.

Chief Editor Crapolyn noted that a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre scared them: “Leatherface’s first appearance in the original TCM. Even just seeing a photo of the scene before he walked in freaks me out.”

6 Arthur sees the ghost in the woman in black

Some of the most visually arresting scenes in horror movies feature ghosts, because they still have business to attend to and they know exactly who they want to haunt. Arthur Kipps begins to see a ghost in The woman in black and learn more about her.

Redditor AA005555 mentioned the scene in The woman in black “when he looks out the window and sees the ghost wading through the mud.” Arthur realizes the ghost is Jennet Humfrye, a woman who has lost her son and is grieving and scaring the townspeople.

5 The masked intruder is in the house among strangers

In the 2008 movie The foreigners, Kristen McKay and James Hoyt stay at the house where he spent his summers when he was growing up. They are about to part ways and think the evening is going to be awkward, but the night turns awful when masked strangers show up.

Redditor minos157 mentioned the scene when “the intruder is in the house behind the lead actress without her knowledge.” The foreigners is full of weird moments like this, because Kristen and James are really stuck.

4 Kyra is poisoned with the sixth sense

Cole looks scared as a ghost girl peeks out from under the bed in The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is memorable for many reasons and for many horror fans it was a movie they watched when they were younger and they still remember skipping it at various times. An editor in chief said “the poisoned little girl when she first appears absolutely scared” as a child.

While Cole Sears talks to many ghosts throughout the film, his scene with Kyra Collins stands out to the audience the most. Cole finds out that Kyra died because her mother gave her poison, which is so heartbreaking that it’s hard to forget.

3 Ellison sees Bughuul in Sinister

Bughuul from the movie Sinister standing in the shadows

Horror fans agree that the 2012 film Claim always stuck with them because the movie’s villain is so memorable. Redditor always3805 posted that it’s scary “when Ethan Hawke’s character starts seeing Bagul in the tapes.”

Ellison Oswalt begins to watch tapes of murdered families, fascinated by the connection to the house where he and his family started living. Ellison then sees Bughuul, which deeply shocks him and makes him realize that he is involved in something dangerous. Even the most seasoned horror fans get chills watching Bughuul.

2 Annie’s Big Hereditary Scene

Horror fans love it Hereditary and there’s no denying that it’s one of the most disturbing films of recent years, as the Graham family deals with death, grief, trauma and King Paimon.

Redditor U83r-J05h mentioned the scene in Hereditary “where mum is sawing off her head. Immediately afterwards it switches to the son’s point of view. And it’s completely silent other than the sound of sawing.” King Paimon possesses Annie and she removes her head in a slow, careful manner, an image that has stuck with fans. As much of the film is dark and unforgettable, it says something that audiences can still imagine that particular scene.

1 Jack sees the corpse in the shining

Split image of Lorraine Massey's corpse and bathroom in The Shining

There are many visually arresting moments in the brilliant, from the Overlook Hotel itself to the twins wearing blue robes and staring at Jack Torrance. There is another scene that terrified the audience.


Redditor theduud mentioned “the lady with the rotting corpse mocking Jack Torrance in the brilliantWhen Jack sees Lorraine Massey taking a bath, she kisses him, then she becomes a corpse, which naturally freaks him out. realizes that he does not know the hotel.

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