10 ‘Romantic’ Movie Scenes That Are Actually Toxic And Gross

There’s no such thing as romance in movies. The gestures are grand, the kisses are long, and the statements are so sweeping you can quote them verbatim. We all know that real love and dating aren’t as dramatic as the movies make them out to be, but sometimes it turns out that’s a good thing.

Although we all know of stellar scenes between passionate movie couples – Jack and Rose in Titanic, Han Solo and Princess Leia in star warsor Wesley and Buttercup in The princess to be married, for example – there are also other “romantic” moments that are not at all worth passing out. Upon closer examination, some of these scenes can actually be considered problematic, even slightly toxic.

It’s nice to catch the attention of a new lover, but when someone admits they love watching you sleep at night? No thanks. And while sometimes opposites attract, it’s not always a good idea to get together with someone who’s been mean to you or ignored your boundaries up to this point. If love is truly blind, that means you shouldn’t have to drastically change your appearance to get someone to date you (look at you, Fat).

Thing is, when combined with a charming soundtrack, dreamy lighting, and enthusiastic performances, these scenes actually sound quite amorous. But upon further inspection, Something not feeling well. Let’s take a look at 10 famous romance movie scenes that are pretty messed up, when you think about it.

10 Romantic Movie Scenes That Are Really Messed Up

These so-called vanished scenes don’t really hold up in time.

Things that only happen in movies

Andrea G. Henderson