10 recent movie scenes that shocked the world

Over time, the sight of an audience genuinely recoiling or losing their minds at an unexpected event unfolding on the big screen or their only personal screen has become increasingly rare.

But your writer is happy to report that the art of stunning and shocking a capacity crowd taking on a big-budget blockbuster offering or even just an unassuming couple indulging in a Net-flick on their couch is still a long way off. be entirely extinguished, friends.

In fact, in the case of the following collection of jaw-dropping cinematic moments, it’s safe to say that few people will ever forget the first time they witnessed these fairly recent and jaw-dropping events. And some even ended up regretting sitting down and allowing them to do it in the first place!

From some scenes that were just too intense for a Cannes crowd to handle, to perhaps the most bizarre beatdown in all of cinematic history, the world may never recover from some of the latest attempts to let the moviegoers need to lie down.


Kicking things off in relatively lukewarm waters compared to some of the other entries on this list, Sam Raimi’s recent attempt to lure Marvel Studios into more troubling waters hasn’t entirely delivered the horror goods promised to a director. famous for the likes of evil Dead series.

However, two shocking beats that will most certainly occupy more than a few young people’s nightmares in the months ahead arguably rank among the most gruesome events in MCU history to date.

As the newly introduced Illuminati confront Elizabeth Olsen’s frightening Scarlet Witch midway through the film, the seemingly unstoppable Black Bolt (a returning Anson Mount) soon finds himself with an unexpectedly sealed jaws. Sure enough, trying to let his signature hypersonic voice rip, the Inhuman’s head explodes wildly as he slumps to the heaped floor.

Not to be outdone, Patrick Stewart’s returning Charles Xavier also meets his brutal end, but this time literally having his skull ripped in half during his desperate attempts to reach out to Wanda Maximoff in his own mind. .

Simply put, Multiverse of Madness wasn’t a horror home run. But these two bloody deaths will certainly be remembered for a long time.

Andrea G. Henderson