10 Recent Movie Scenes Everyone Misunderstood

The beauty of filmmaking, like any art, is how we can all interpret it differently, bringing our own distinct experiences to the table that color the way we see a film.

Healthy debate about a movie is a wonderful thing, although there are also instances where a large subset of viewers simply get the wrong stick – a stick that isn’t as ambiguous or debatable as they might think it.

These 10 recent movie scenes have all divided and polarized an audience who couldn’t quite agree on what he was actually saying, even though there’s clearly one answer that stands out among the rest as the correct one. .

From seemingly “sequel baited” endings that actually do nothing of the sort, to token imagery that isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and characters that aren’t as dead as you might assume, these 10 Movie scenes were all wildly misinterpreted by many.

It certainly doesn’t mean you’re stupid if you misunderstand any of these scenes – a parcel many people have done it, and given the techniques employed by the filmmakers in each case, it’s easy to see why…

The Matrix Resurrections ends with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) discovering her own One-like abilities and visiting the villainous Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) with Neo (Keanu Reeves).

They inform the Analyst that as the Matrix’s ultimate power couple, they will rebuild it in their own image and quickly soar into the sky together. The end.

Many viewers understandably assumed the ending was sequel bait meant to kick off a new Matrix movie trilogy, though that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While doing press for the movie, Lana Wachowski was adamant that it would be her last Matrix movie, and the movie itself not so subtly implies that she only came back to do it because Warner Bros. was going to restart it without it otherwise. .

This was Lana’s last big swing on the face of it and certainly as far as the Matrix goes, and given that Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves have made their loyalty to the Wachowskis clear, it’s extremely hard to believe they would return without the sisters involved.

While it’s at least easy to see why some felt the Resurrections ending produced more Trinity and Neo movies, the best you can hope for is a reboot sometime in the future. At least it already has the perfect title – The Matrix Rebooted.

Andrea G. Henderson