10 “Plot Holes” Movies That Really Make Sense

Fans are usually ready to believe the plot of a movie. This is because the length of a film allows for greater world-building, so it can be particularly disappointing when a film has an obvious plot hole or requires an excessive leap in logic. As such, no film is immune to inconsistencies or plot holes.

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Still, movies are meant to spark an audience’s imagination, so taking a movie too literally can ruin what makes it fun. Also, some so-called plot holes can be easily explained by a movie’s internal logic or by using real facts.

10/10 The Empire Strikes Back Has No Timeline Issues

The Empire Strikes Back

A common timing problem in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back isn’t really a problem after all. Luke spends an extended period of time training to become a Jedi with Yoda, and Han and Leia’s escapades only last a few days before the three reunite.

This timeline discrepancy is because time works differently in different places in a galaxy. The planets revolve around their respective suns and rotate at different rates. In the Milky Way, for example, the Earth rotates about 365.25 times each time it circles the Sun. During this time, Mercury rotates only once for two revolutions around the Sun. Planets in a galaxy far, far away are probably experiencing a similar phenomenon.

9/10 Mother Gothel’s confidence explains her honesty with Rapunzel


Mother Gothel in Tangled manipulates Rapunzel into staying in the tower and never venturing outside. Mother Gothel is an effective villain, but she’s oddly honest with Rapunzel.

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Some viewers have wondered why Gothel tells Rapunzel about her real birthday, especially after the king and queen establish their corresponding lantern ritual. However, this bizarre honesty from the villain makes sense. Gothel successfully takes on other crooks in Tangled, so it’s clear that the risk of Rapunzel picking up the pieces of her inheritance doesn’t faze Mother Gothel. She probably thinks she can handle it.

8/10 Jack couldn’t fit on the door with Rose


The controversial door riddle is dividing moviegoers everywhere. At the end of Titanic, Rose boards a broken door to avoid hypothermia and inevitable death. Fans think Jack could have held onto the floating door with Rose, but the physics suggest the door would have sunk under the shared weight of the protagonists.

Moreover, from a narrative point of view, the door is important for Titanicis the emotional reward. Jack had to sacrifice himself to present the sinking of the Titanic as a very real tragedy and not as an abstract historical event.

7/10 Buzz Lightyear is just copying other toys

toy story

toy story proved that children’s movies aren’t just for kids. However, adult fans of Pixar movies are capable of the critical thinking needed to identify plot holes. Pixar even acknowledged an inconsistency in toy storyinternal logic.

At the beginning of toy story, Buzz Lightyear fervently believes he is an explorer on an “alien planet”. Woody and the others know they’re toys, so they know they have to stop moving and talking when Andy is around. On the other hand, Buzz genuinely thinks he’s real. But it’s his beliefs that explain this: Buzz freezes himself in an effort to imitate the customs of the planet, even if they are foreign to him.

6/10 Kane said “Rosebud” more than once

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane (1941) remains one of the most beloved and beloved films in cinematic history. The titular Charles Foster Kane is alone in the opening scene as he mutters “Rosebud”, then dies. Thus, some have wondered how other characters know of the enigmatic Rosebud who leads Citizen Kanethe plot.

According to Kane’s butler, Raymond, Kane said “Rosebud” when he came across a snow globe in his ex-wife’s belongings. So, it stands to reason Kane fixated on the snow globe, repeating “Rosebud” multiple times. Eventually, someone noticed him and deemed him important enough to ensure he would be investigated after his death.

5/10 The northern tribe could have used fish

Black Panther

Black Panther is one of the MCU’s biggest hits to date. The popularity of the film, however, does not preclude consideration of plot holes or inconsistencies. After T’Challa falls into the river, a northern tribe fisherman pulls him out of the water. Later, the leader of the northern tribe, M’Baku, reveals that they are all vegetarians.

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It may seem paradoxical, but vegetarianism does not necessarily prevent the northern tribe from consuming fish. Fish oil can be used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, and if the tribe has certain pets, they must also have a demand for fish.

4/10 Ariel signing her name does not guarantee that she is literate

The little Mermaid

Many Disney fans have pondered the communication gap between Ariel and Eric in The little Mermaid. Although she’s human, Ariel can’t speak, but presumably she should still be able to write. After all, she signs her name on Ursula’s contract.

However, signing one’s own name does not guarantee literacy, especially since it is often the first thing a person learns to write. Additionally, Ariel actively avoids reading the contract before signing it, and the mermaids are unlikely to regularly use pen and paper.

3/10 Cornwall lessons begin after Illyria’s Do

She is the man

She is the man, a modern version of Shakespeare twelfth night, is a hilarious adventure and arguably Amanda Bynes’ best film. However, some viewers dispute protagonist Viola’s attendance record. Viola attends Illyria High School disguised as her brother, Sebastian, for the first two weeks of school, but this prevents her from attending Cornwall High School.

However, this may not be a plot hole. Cornwall and Illyria might not have the same start dates. It’s not uncommon for schools in the same area to start at different times, and it’s also not uncommon for a school’s athletic (and competitive) season to precede the start of classes.

2/10 Elle’s line of questioning is meant to confuse the witness

Revenge of a Blonde

While he was at the helm of Revenge of a Blonde, Chutney Windham claims she was in the shower when her father was killed, so she didn’t hear the gunshot that killed him. She also claims that she had her hair permed earlier today. Elle Woods realizes Chutney wasn’t in the shower during the murder. She says Chutney would like to avoid getting her hair wet after her perm because it would deactivate the styling ingredients, but her “curls are still intact” at trial.

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Some viewers have pointed out that Chutney could have used a shower cap, or she could pretend she didn’t get her hair wet. However, actual hair care practices are only half the picture. It is not uncommon for lawyers to use quick interrogations to disrupt a witness during cross-examination in order to get them to confess. Emmett uses the same tactic earlier in Revenge of a Blonde.

1/10 ET adapts to Earth’s gravitational pull and atmospheric pressure


Many viewers have suggested that ET could have flown to his spaceship as he took off in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film. He proves he is able to levitate objects later in the film when he does it with Elliot’s bike.

However, this argument assumes that ET knew he had these abilities when he arrived on Earth. In some movies, it takes an alien a while to discover all of their abilities on another planet. ET was probably adjusting to the different gravitational forces and atmospheric pressure on Earth.

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