10 of the most iconic horror movie scenes of all time, ranked from scariest to scariest

Dozens of horror movies come out every year, with sharp killers and paranormal entities and possessed dolls to give you the creeps. And while they’re all filled with spooky scenes, only some are so iconic that they scare you every time you watch them.

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An unexpected splatter of pig’s blood, knife-waving slashers, and the scariest sentence a child could say are just some of the most iconic scenes from classic horror movies, but some will always be even scarier. that others.


Prom Queen (‘Carrie’)

Carrie was released in 1976 and is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, and the film’s most iconic scene is at the end just before Carrie’s final telekinetic reign of terror.

In a cruel plot against their classmate, Carrie wins the title of Prom Queen and stands on stage smiling just before a bucket of pig’s blood shocks her, forcing Carrie to destroy the prom and anyone who gets in the way. across his path.

The Closet Scene (“Halloween”)

From Killing Madness Masked by a Clown by 6-year-old Michael Myers to the menace behind a hedge while waiting for Laurie, 1978 Halloween is full of memorable moments.

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But the scene that tops them all is when Laurie walks through The Doyle’s house looking for a place to hide from the boogeyman and finds herself in a dark closet with only a metal coat hanger for protection when Michael bursts through the shutters brandishing his knife.

The shower scene (“Psycho”)

by Alfred Hitchcock psychology introduced the world to the Bates Motel and infamous horror movie villain Norman Bates, whose traumatic relationship with his mother leads him to do unexpected things.

What was terrifying in 1960 may not be so scary in the age of CGI and special effects, but the scene that haunted baby boomers everywhere was when Norman Bates tore down the curtain on the show and stabbed Marion to death in the running shower.

No batteries (“Child’s Play”)

Child’s play may focus on a Good Guy doll, but Chucky is anything but a good guy after serial killer Charles Lee Ray possesses the doll in an attempt to avoid getting caught for his crimes.

But of all the horrific murders and creepy phrases Chucky says throughout the film, no scene is as chilling as when Andy’s mom rips Chucky’s drums apart and realizes that talking doll never had a batteries in him just as Chucky turns his head. Exorcist-style and said, “Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?”

“Here’s Johnny!” (‘The Shining’)

Between Danny driving his tricycle down the spooky hotel hallway and the Grady Twins asking him to play with them, it’s safe to say the brilliant full of scary moments.

“Here is Johnny!”

Nancy’s Bath (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”)

freddie was the ’80s slasher that made no one want to fall asleep lest Freddy Krueger appear in their dreams.

While there are several memorable moments in this horror movie, the one that has just enough of a scare factor to make you drain your tub and risk a psychology The shower moment is when Nancy lies in her bubble bath with her eyes closed as Freddy’s murderous claw pops out from under the bubbles and eventually pulls her under.

The Disappearance of Drew Barrymore (“Scream”)

For someone who only appears in the first few minutes of Scream, actress Drew Barrymore ended with one of the scariest moments in the film.

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Barrymore portrays Casey Becker, the first victim of Ghostface’s return when she receives an ominous call asking what her favorite horror movie is just before the killer chases her into the backyard where he repeatedly stabs her , dragging his bloodied body along the grass and finishing him off. hanging her from a tree in the movie’s most gruesome scene.

Robbie Clown Doll (“Poltergeist”)

As spooky as it sounds when Carol Anne walks up to the flickering white noise of the glowing television and announces that “they’re here,” it’s a scene with her brother Robbie that tops them all. Fighting spirit.

Robbie is already understandably terrified of the creepy clown doll sitting at the end of his bed, but it’s when the doll disappears that really scares him and the audience before she appears behind the boy and drags him away under the bed.

“I See Dead People” (“The Sixth Sense”)

The sixth sense put actor Haley Joel Osment on the card in 1999, and a single sentence, according to his character, Cole, left people horrified for decades.

It’s both one of the most memorable and terrifying scenes in movie history when Cole lays comfortably in a blanket, tears in his eyes as he talks to his psychiatrist and confesses, “I see dead people.”

Regan’s Head Spins (“The Exorcist”)

Featuring one of the scariest characters in movie history, The Exorcist tells the story of the possession of a young girl by the devil and her mother’s attempts to save her through an exorcism.

As frightening as Regan’s levitation is, the most famous and arguably most terrifying scene in this 1973 film was when his head spins around, doing a 360 spin as the priest performs the exorcism.

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