10 Movie Twists Everyone Guessed

Everyone loves a good plot – there’s nothing quite like being genuinely surprised by a clever and creative climactic reveal that totally reframes how you view the entire movie forever.

At best, the plot twists ensure that you’re desperate to rewatch the film as soon as possible and see how the experience differs when viewed from a new perspective, but sadly not all plot twists can be brag about having that level of propulsive surprise.

Sometimes the filmmakers just don’t appreciate how smart the viewers are and how quickly they can figure things out on their own, which in turn leads to an obvious, deflating reveal later on.

Now, there are certainly worse things for a movie to be than predictable – if the execution is solid, it’s not the end of the world – but that still meant those twists and turns didn’t land with the impact. shocking that the writers and directors had clearly intended.

From openly pointing out the twist to giving the audience far too much time to figure it out or even giving the game away in pre-release interviews, these twists came as no surprise to the vast majority of people who look…

Incredibles 2 was a largely worthy belated sequel, though perhaps the most common complaint is that its big stack draw was fair. way too predictable – even for a film aimed primarily at children.

The film’s main mystery revolved around the identity of the villainous Screenslaver, with audiences led to suspect either fanboy businessman Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) or his sister, Evelyn (Catherine Keener).

Although the movie tries to convince you that it’s more likely to be Winston, given Disney’s relentless reliance on bait-and-switch twist villains and the fact that Evelyn’s full name is Evelyn Deavor. – as in “The Diabolical Effort” – it wasn’t that hard to figure out that she was actually the Screenslaver.

And while it certainly doesn’t sink the film’s third act, it was mildly disappointing that Brad Bird couldn’t come up with a more subversive or interesting villain reveal than this. Disney desperately needs to give Twist’s villains a rest.

Andrea G. Henderson