10 movie series that no one admits to loving (but made a lot of money)

Every once in a while a new movie – objectively poorly written – enters the realm of pop culture, and yet it does extremely well at the box office. While they don’t have any remarkable appearances or anything unique when it comes to its story and characters, these films can spawn a long list of sequels and spinoffs. Whether it’s because the film is so perfectly crafted for mainstream audiences that it can draw millions in just one trailer, or because it’s tied into a classic Hollywood franchise, these films still exist and, with enough ‘money, create as many sequels as possible until the studios think the public has lost interest.

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Regardless of the depth or emotion of the story or the importance of the themes, if you have a big enough budget and well-known actors, you are sure to get massive returns.

ten Fast & Furious is exaggerated action

dominic, jakob toretto and letty from fast and furious 9

The Fast Furious The series began life as a series about two things: racing and family. Now it’s a series about secret government organizations, world-ending viruses, and superhumans. The series is known for its incredible stunts and over-the-top action.

What draws fans to the theater whenever a new installment of the main series – or its spin-offs – comes out is not its nuanced writing or political plot, but rather how little it takes. seriously. There is a scene in the seventh movie where a car jumps between three gigantic skyscrapers. Movies are meant to be fun above all else and that’s what people love.

9 Michael Bay’s transformers weren’t popular with fans

Michael bay Transformers The film series has been heavily criticized for its over-reliance on special effects, crass humor, and bad storytelling. However, the films have made millions and spawned several sequels and spinoffs. While clearly aimed at a much younger audience than the original Gen 1 Transformers fans, Bay’s humor, and frequent resort to sexual and racial exploitation made the actual target audience much more difficult to define.

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No matter how poorly written the movies were, even for the time they would dominate the box office for years to come.

8 James Cameron has an entire avatar saga in pre-production

While only one Avatar As the film is out at the time of writing, director James Cameron has reassured fans that he has started pre-production for the film’s many sequels.

Despite its release over ten years ago, Avatar ranks as the highest grossing film of all time (regardless of inflation). Despite this massive achievement, there has been nothing to the franchise since its initial release other than a very brief video game announcement with no gameplay or plot. While being the highest grossing film of all time, Avatar the actual plot is extremely lacking for such an accomplished director.

7 The Hobbit Trilogy Wasn’t Popular With Tolkien Fans

that of Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings The trilogy is often considered the best film adaptation of a book. Faithfully recreate Tolkien’s Middle-earth / Arda world and juggle three distinct storylines across three films.

When a sequel trilogy of The Hobbit was announced, fans were excited. However, the films were not held in the same regard as their predecessors. Along with the many changes to the original story, the decision to split a 300-page book into three films greatly hampered the plot of the films.

6 Live-Action Disney has rarely been well received

Simba and Rafiki from the Lion King

In recent years, Disney recreated their classic animated adaptation films into live action movies with celebrity actors. But fans are still adamant that the original movies are always better, and believe that the live-action series are just money making with less emotional impact.

Whether this point of view is based on nostalgia or not, the films continue to make millions and will continue to be made as long as Disney deems them profitable, with titles such as Cinderella and The little Mermaid to appear next.

5 The nightmare on Elm Street has lasted too long

Glove Freddy Kruger

The first one Nightmare on Elm Street the movie was a fun and interesting horror concept. The spirit of a murdered child predator hunts the children of his murderers in their dreams. However, as more sequels came out, the film’s initial creativity became less and less interesting. ultimately resulting in the release of films such as Freddie versus. Jason, or scenes where Freddie kills a child with the power of a Nintendo Power glove.

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Despite being a well-known franchise and making millions of dollars, the series as a whole is not popular with fans.

4 The latest Terminator movies never lived up to T2

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous role as Terminator has become a Hollywood staple with a long line of films. However, as the series progressed, many fans believed that the quality was not there. Even the return of the series’ original director, James Cameron, was not enough to restore people’s confidence.

Titles such as Terminator Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate were poorly received by fans as they couldn’t resist the fan favorite Terminator 2: Judgment Day which introduced many quotes and concepts that made the series famous.

3 Jurassic World was the sequel series no one wanted

Owen Grady in Jurassic World

jurassic park is one of Stephen Spielberg’s most famous films. Considered a big step for CGI in the cinema, the adaptation of Michael Crichton’s book is loved by millions of people. However, what is not liked by millions of people are the many sequelae of the original film.

Of jurassic park suites with Jeff Goldbloom where a raptor is hit by someone performing a gymnastic trick, until Jurassic World where scientists sort of create an invisible T-Rex. Despite millions of dollars, the franchise seemed to end with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

2 Die Hard is a good name for a series that refused to end

Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard

The original Die hard is a beloved classic action flick with quotable lines and sympathetic characters. However, because it was so successful, a number of sequels were released to keep the excitement going and keep making money. Still, most fans won’t even consider the sequel movies when discussing the topic of Die hard a bit like how Indiana Jones fans won’t consider the fourth installment.

Although the show is long gone, it made a remarkable amount of money in its day and could still catch people’s interest.

1 Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Divided Fans

Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker and Rey

The announcement of a new trilogy of Star wars movies was a big time for cinema. A beloved franchise for over thirty years (at the time) was finally returning to the world of cinema. However, the first nail in the coffin for most fans was the subsequent announcement of the decanonization of the entire Expanded Universe of Star wars.

Decades of stories and books were no longer part of the timeline. What followed was a flow of mismanaged character arcs, confusing storylines as directors and writers swapped between films and ended with an ending that didn’t really explain much.

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