10 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Were Cheating On You

While a lot of the problems faced by filmmakers during the creation of a feature film these days tend to be solved with the blanket solution of “just CGI in post-production”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every the director or crew behind a project hits animation buckets directly when faced with a high-level cinematic order.

And even if CGI is the answer, as this list will show, it’s sometimes in its more subtle and understated execution that it excels far more than its bombastic, stuffed contemporaries. And it often goes unnoticed because of its effectiveness.

But away from the world of digital enhancement, everything from forced perspective to truly mesmerizing paintings was also able to trick audiences into thinking there was absolutely no movie magic in the frame that he enjoyed happily.

From the exceptional voice talents and CGI craftsmanship that made us think there was an actor on set, to the cheekily swapped doubles under fans’ noses, these cinematic moments all made it into a movie in rather unexpected ways. …

While still possessing some of the most groundbreaking and advanced special effects available at the time, the team behind the original Star Wars trilogy films had to think many times over when attempting to pull off various cinematic illusions. for their galaxy far, far away.

And while the puppets, models, and sets were all put to brilliant use during this critically adored first set of features, another tool has been efficiently swiped onto our screens in the most gorgeous way.

Brilliantly deceiving those who headed to cinemas to see the villainous antagonists come together in The Empire Strikes Back, a beautiful matte paint job – one of many used to bring the original films to life – was designed to be used as backdrop for the stage. While the naked eye would have us believe it’s actually a huge set of hangers filled with stormtrooper extras, in reality it’s the work of a highly skilled artist adding layers upon layers of painted troops and a whole inter-galactic space docking point behind a few real pluses.

Andrea G. Henderson