10 Most Outstanding Movie Twists, According To Reddit

2022 offered plenty of releases with twists that seemed to come out of nowhere: either taking Coststhe romantic journey of turning into a cannibal feast, or MenThe chilling atmosphere of Giving way to straight-up body horror, for example, viewers were stunned by how brave these films were to go crazy.

Reddit users have their pick of plot twists that came out of nowhere, some of them effective for the narrative and some of them just ruining the whole movie.


ten Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry to bother you begin like a light comedy before suddenly turning dark; it follows a black telemarketer who discovers the magic key to success, which thrusts him into a gruesome corporate reality. It’s an effective satire on consumerism and class struggle, but it takes those themes to the extreme when the protagonist is exposed to a shocking experiment that turns humans into half-horse humanoids.

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Mikeyfreshh says: “I watched sorry to disturb you like 3 years ago and I still haven’t recovered from that twist.” The film quickly becomes comfortable in its absurdity and delivers a final punch line in the most over-the-top way possible.

9 The Mist (2009)

Mist follows the residents of a small town as a thick fog hiding bloodthirsty creatures shrouds their surroundings. Trapped in a supermarket, a father and his 5-year-old son discover that humans could be an even bigger threat. With this setup, the film balances a creative cosmic horror setup with the dangers of religious bigotry.

Mist nails its final scene with a heartbreaking twist: after killing the remaining survivors, including his son, to avoid suffering at the hands of the creatures, a traumatized father offers himself to the monsters, but instead of a gruesome death he finds actually the US military restoring order and the mist clearing. A Redditor claims, “I wasn’t ready for this ending.”

8 Orphan (2009)

Orphan tells the story of a married couple shaken by a recently stillborn baby. In an attempt to fill the void created by the incident and stabilize their marriage, they decide to adopt a 9-year-old girl… who is actually a serial killer.

OrphanThe surprising twist reveals that the adopted 9-year-old is actually a 33-year-old psychopathic woman with a hormonal disorder, giving her childlike traits. It’s a twist that’s as effective as it is unexpected, giving the movie that final shock that gives a positive feeling about it, just as truckturne5164 states, “the movie is just okay, but that twist is absolutely insane.”

seven Now You See Me (2013)

Now you see me plays with the concept of magic quite well, featuring a team of illusionists who perform inventive bank robberies with their unique tricks and reward their audience with cash. With an FBI agent and an Interpol detective hot on their heels, the film quickly becomes a fun action thriller.

kappa23 sees Now you see meThe unexpected plot twist is unnecessary, and many fans agree that the ending almost ruins the entire film. In the final moments, the FBI agent played by Mark Ruffalo is revealed to be the face behind the team of illusionists, bringing them together to attempt revenge for his father’s death. Conjuring up plot holes in the story and providing an anti-climactic conclusion to the film, it’s a plot that feels detached from the overall story.

6 The Visit (2015)

A deleted user mentions the end of Visit as his pick for a plot twist that came out of nowhere. The film follows a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ isolated farmhouse for a weekend. As the two siblings begin to suspect that their grandparents are harboring disturbing secrets, they desperately consider a chance to escape.

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M. Night Shyamalan is famous for his surprising twists, but they’re often random. Visit was another divisive film from him, but denying the absolute shock of finding out how this elderly couple is not actually grandparenting these children is almost impossible.

5 The Departed (2006)

The dead is one of the best gangster movies of the 2000s, following both the gangster and the detective in each other’s roles. In the film, an undercover cop and a police mole try to identify themselves while doing dangerous business with an Irish gang in South Boston.

Mentioned by a deleted Reddit usage, the unexpected moment occurs at the film’s climax, when DiCaprio’s character, the real detective, gets the better of the mole and arrests him as they both walk into an elevator. When they get to the roof, another fake agent comes out of nowhere and shoots the cop in the face, starting a massacre. Much like the mole in the elevator, viewers are left in complete shock.

4 The Prestige (2006)

“Plot Twist” might as well be Christopher Nolan’s middle name, because the ease with which he weaves jaw-dropping twists into his stories is quite remarkable. Suggested by Thefinalwerd, Prestiges the twists are unique because of how drastically they change the narrative; viewers follow the intense rivalry of two magicians as they desperately try to get the better of each other.

What seemed like a simple but thrilling tale of competition yields a series of unexpected revelations when the methods each magician uses to perform a “teleportation” trick are unveiled; one of them played alongside his secretive twin brother, while the other resorted to an evil machine that created copies of him.

3 The Matrix (1999)

The feeling of watching The matrix for the first time is something unforgettable for many, especially when viewers have no prior knowledge of the story. As Cambridgebird describes it, “the twist on what the Matrix is ​​and how machines use humans was a pretty startling moment that I personally didn’t see coming when I was sitting in the cinema.”

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The matrix begins as a typical sci-fi thriller, following hacker Neo on the run from powerful agents who are desperate to reach him. The story soon morphs into something much bigger, offering a disruptive twist: the reality humanity lives in is not real; they are all stuck in a simulation while serving as sleeping slaves to the dominant machines.

2 The Others (2001)

Raised by WritingUnicorn2019, Others offers a particular vision of the traditional story of the haunted house. Nicole Kidman plays a religious woman living in a dark old family home due to her two children’s rare sensitivity to light. When they suspect that mysterious spirits lurk in the shadows, the mother resorts to extreme measures to protect her children from harm.

Others is the kind of movie viewers have to watch twice to fully understand. At first, the heartbreaking revelation that the mother and her children are the real ghosts and the house is haunted by them seems to come out of nowhere, but all the clues were there from the start.

1 Predestination (2014)

Predestination follows a top temporal agent on his final mission: to pursue a clever criminal who has outsmarted him over time. The biggest problem is that the agent is actually chasing his own tail, but there’s more; he is not only her biggest enemy, he is also her own son, mother and father at the same time. These jaw-dropping reveals unfold in surprising ways, leaving viewers wanting more from such a disorienting, yet creative time paradox.

releasethepr0n claims that “everyone discovers on a different level, but the way the idea develops in your mind and you’re like ‘oh no…it can’t be.’ is really fun.”

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