10 most infamous plot flaws in horror movies

Plot holes can cost horror movies a great deal of their experiential value, as even the smallest inconsistency can prevent a horror enthusiast from repeating a horror release, no matter how well it was directed. Some of Hollywood’s biggest horror movies have had some pretty big storylines that called into question the authenticity of their subject matter.

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Some plot holes are more noticeable and are immediately pointed out by fans. But, in supernatural films with story-driven plots or mythical storylines, inconsistencies are harder to notice unless closely examined, and some of pop culture‘s most beloved films have gotten quite a bit. of blunders in their intrigues.

9 Panels

Signs Alien House 2002 Board Game Shelf

For Panels, M. Night Shyamalan wrote one of his most shocking twists; the Hess family has discovered that the aliens stuck in their house are allergic to water, but that’s a pretty big hole in the plot. No alien species would choose to invade or visit a 70% water planet if a touch of water burned their skin and could kill them.

In addition, the aliens are unlikely to have ever been in contact with water when they entered Earth’s atmosphere, especially since water vapor is strongly present all around the earth. . They are unlikely to venture into human society without any protection if they were so vulnerable to water.

8 Paranormal activity 3

Paranormal activity 3 is actually a prequel to the first Paranormal activity movie, and it’s in the prequel that the plot hole is, as a joke. Paranormal activity 3 explored the childhoods of Katie and Kristi, whose adulthood is described in the first film; Katie and her husband Micah invited a psychic to their home who sensed negative energy and asked them to be careful. This led to Micah making a joke about how they should refrain from inviting Katie’s mom.

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But, Katie’s mother Julie dies in the prequel which will be released two years later, so she lost her mother when she was a child. It’s possible the directors didn’t decide what the prequel would be when they made the first film, but that’s a glaring mistake.


7 Second World War

Second World War introduced several sequences that did not exist in the novel World War Z: An Oral History of Zombie Wars, and some of them don’t work.

A horde of zombies has ravaged an entire flight compartment, causing people to scream at the top of their lungs. Brad Pitt is pictured sitting across the curtains, with a few sleepy passengers and for some reason neither of them seemed to have a clue of what was going on in the next compartment. A curtain couldn’t hide the screams of the dying, and it couldn’t stop the zombies either, so it didn’t make sense that Brad and his fellow First Class were so oblivious to what was happening on the other side. of the curtain.

6 A quiet place

The Abbotts would go by the waterfall to speak loudly so their voices would be obscured by the roaring water and not be audible to the creatures. But, if it worked, why didn’t they move to an area close to the waterfall, at least closer to Evelyn’s due date? It would certainly have solved a lot of their problems.

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Fans even pointed out that designing a makeshift living space near the river or any large body of water would have helped them to stay unfamiliar as they mask small noises.

5 The return of the mummy

In the continuation of The Mummy, Anck-Su-Namun identified Evelyn as a reincarnation of Nefertiri. In the past, Anck-Su-Namun and Nefertiri had shared a stormy relationship, and Evelyn was also able to unlock her memories of her past life using the Book of the Dead.

But, Anck-Su-Namun had already met Evelyn in the first film and didn’t recognize her as Nefertiri, which is a big plot hole considering the two women shared a difficult relationship when they knew each other. .

4 The eye

Mun gets her eye bandages removed in The Eye

The Pang brothers have made some of the best Asian horror films both independently and in collaboration. Their 2002 film The eye got positive reviews and has been remade in multiple languages, but fans have pointed out this fundamental flaw in the plot structure.

The protagonist, Mun, begins to see the dead after a cornea transplant, implying that the deceased donor was either a psychic, a clairvoyant, or had a psychic sensitivity. But Mun was also able to hear ghosts, which is not possible unless his newly achieved psychic sensitivity was somehow related to brain activity or the auditory senses, which is impossible.

3 Old

Alex Wolff as Trent and Gael Garcia Bernal as Guy in Old

M. Night’s horror thriller Shyamalan has quite a few plot holes. The biggest question for fans after watching the film was how the resort had managed not to be investigated by legal authorities, even though so many tourists had died on their private beach. The film explores test # 73 of ongoing research, which means there must be hundreds of apparently healthy people who have lost their lives on the property.

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Even if their passports were destroyed since management asked guests to leave them in their rooms, nothing would prevent family and friends from coming to the resort and inquiring about their loved ones. It’s incredibly hard to believe that so many disappearances have not raised suspicion over the years.

2 Scream 4

Scream 4 Sidney Prescott wielding a knife

It is not statistically possible that Sidney has known so many psychopaths. In a series of movies where one particular person is stalked by different people, it’s too much of a coincidence that Sidney knows so many psychopathic and ready-to-kill people.

To post scream 3, this plot hole has become quite glaring; Whether it was his young cousin Jill, or Billy Loomis, or even his mother Mrs. Loomis, everyone wanted Sidney to die, but that took away from the plausibility of the film. A scenario like this makes sense if the person being hunted has something the killers want like money or some precious commodity, but the fact that Sidney has so many acquaintances who wanted to kill her for emotional reasons is pretty amazing. .

1 Conspiracy

Ed Warren holds up the Christian cross towards the camera in The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It

There are quite a few plot holes in the Ed And Lorraine series in Conspiracy movies. Ed’s exorcism ritual was central to Conspiracy‘s climax, but the film contradicts itself on its own mythology. Father Gordon explains that he cannot perform an exorcism on Carolyn because the ritual requires Vatican approval, but, when things got worse, Ed performed the exorcism himself and it worked.

Lorraine later revealed that the Vatican had indeed approved the ritual. However, Ed was not aware of this at the time, which would mean that he did not have the faith or knowledge of divine intervention necessary to perform a true exorcism. The movie attempted to suggest that the Vatican somehow gave Ed the powers to perform the ritual, but that doesn’t match how exorcisms worked in the movie universe.

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