10 Intense Horror Movie Scenes You Couldn’t Watch

Since the advent of cinema, filmmakers have produced movies to scare people. French illusionist Georges Méliès is credited with directing what is considered the first true horror film in 1896, called House Of The Devil. It was little more than a series of sketches showing an agent of Satan summoning ghouls from a giant black cauldron. At the time, this would have been very alarming, but to our modern eyes, it all seems a bit farcical.

Over the years, people’s horror threshold has changed, with filmmakers pushing the limits of what they can do. An actor in devil’s horns messing up doesn’t cut it anymore, not when the most heinous and heinous acts imaginable have been committed on screen.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the reimagined folk tales of Dracula and Frankenstein became popular. During the 1970s, audiences were terrified of the cold, dark expanse of space. And, in recent years, the grim reaches of the human psyche have proven to be just as unsettling as any gore festival.

These days, if you can imagine something horrible, chances are someone made a movie out of it. From physiological horror to gratuitous violence, these are the scenes that have you hiding behind a pillow, praying they end.

It was a sad day for cinema when this horror film was released. The making of this film surely marked the end of time for the human race. At first there were only rumors, then the trailer dropped, and finally one of your friends informed you that he had actually watched it. What they were describing was so grotesque and unbelievable that there was no choice but to watch it yourself.

As its name suggests, the Human Centipede follows the twisted experiments of a certain Dr. Josef Heiter. Previously a renowned surgeon known for his work separating conjoined twins, Heiter felt he needed a retirement plan. For no apparent reason (other than his madness), he decided to kidnap a group of victims, tie them up their ass to mouth, and see what happens.

From the start, this film was difficult to bear. Everyone knew what was coming, but even so, it was far more grotesque than anyone could have imagined. After feeding the head of his unholy creation a bowl of dog food, the evil doctor relished watching nature take its course, and we went for a ride.

A man defecating into the open mouth of a scared young woman was truly a low point of the body horror genre.


Andrea G. Henderson