10 Horror Movie Scenes That Weren’t Meant To Be Funny (But Were)

Comedy is really hard to do. You may be a professional comedian with decades of experience, and yet you still don’t know if a joke will land until you try it.

While there’s no real science to making comedies, it seems to crop up a lot in the horror genre. In fact, some of the most heartbreaking moments in cinematic history have happened in films designed to haunt our dreams. (Samuel L. Jackson’s death in Deep Blue Sea will never cease to be hilarious.)

Oddly though, some horror-laughing moments were never meant to be humorous. Ironically, scenes that are meant to come across as haunting or unsettling can cause viewers to laugh hysterically and break down into hysteria. A string special effect, an obvious continuity error, or a poorly delivered line can turn a potentially terrifying sequence into the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

While we absolutely adore those moments, it’s probably not for the reason the filmmakers were hoping for. Here are the ten horror movie scenes that weren’t meant to be funny (but were).

John Carpenter’s Halloween horror movies singlehandedly popularized. Because many films in the genre couldn’t match Halloween in sheer horror, they overcompensated by relying on excessive gore and overly elaborate deaths.

Because of this, the hacking and cutting of Michael in later films seemed a bit straightforward, inspiring the filmmakers to give the masked killer more inventive ways to get rid of his prey. But more often than not, these methods of execution were stupid rather than clever.

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, the titular psychopath corners a woman called Kelly with a shotgun. As he points the barrel at her, viewers expect the mask-wearing mute to blast her into the realm.

Instead, he stabs her…with the gun! He rams the gun straight into Kelly’s abdomen with such force that it pops out of her back, pinning her to the wall.

While this murder is meant to subvert expectations and showcase Michael’s superhuman strength, it’s too ridiculous to be taken seriously. I mean, come on, Mike. We know you like stabbing people, but you had a freaking shotgun! Surely pulling the trigger at close range is an easier way to kill Kelly than shoving a gun through her body.

Andrea G. Henderson