10 Horror Movie Plot Twists Reddit Fans Saw Coming

Of The menu to X prequel Pearl, there are several horror movies that fans are looking forward to, and hopefully they’ll feature some clever twists. There’s always the hope that in the middle of a movie or at the very end, something wild happens that changes everything the audience thought they knew about the story and the characters.

Over the past two decades, horror filmmakers have sought to surprise audiences with big reveals, but in some cases, fans have been able to see through those twists. Redditors share the moments they didn’t find so unexpected.


The End of Shutter Island (2010)

shutter island left fans with questions, and the final scenes of shutter island are definitely haunting. Andrew Laeddis imagined Edward “Teddy” Daniels, who is not a real person. The whole story was made up by the doctors to see if they could stop Andrew from making things up.

Redditor PeteOverdrive caught on to this storyline happening early on and wrote, “something that’s meant to be a major twist is pretty obvious from the trailer alone.”

The body is a puzzle in the saw (2004)

As for the unexpected revelations, the final moments of Seen are often seen as astonishing and shocking. Redditor Philbregas connected the various story threads and knew what was going on, writing, “I also called the end of Seen with the body on the ground being Jigsaw so I dissuaded myself.”

Whether or not fans know it was the truth, it’s still a pivotal plot that sets up a chilling franchise that’s one of the darkest in the genre. Learning about Jigsaw’s motivations isn’t something fans will ever forget.

The Village (2004) is set in modern times

The end of The village is intended to leave audiences utterly stunned, wondering which pieces of the puzzle were there the entire time. Redditor AniDanny guessed the twist and wrote, “This clearly doesn’t take place in the 1800s or whenever it pretends. There’s probably a town just outside the woods.”

Since M. Night Shyamalan is known for his twists, it’s hard not to watch his movies and try to figure out what the huge reveal is going to be, and that seems to be the case with The village.

Gabriel is part of Madison/Emily’s spinal cord and brain in Malignant (2021)

The movie 2021 clever is incredibly dark and the main character, Madison Lake Mitchell, is pregnant and in an abusive relationship. The audience learns more about her backstory, including the fact that her real name is Emily May. At the end of the film, it turns out that Emily’s twin brother, Gabriel, hasn’t left her completely, and her spinal cord and brain are still attached to her. Redditor youareposthuman said, “I got the twist for clever about 20 minutes. This movie was… not my favorite.

There are many scary horror movies about dreams, and Madison/Emily’s ordeal is getting scarier by the second. As soon as fans find out about Emily’s twin, some are able to guess what’s really going on.

The killers pretend to be the grandparents during the visit (2015)

It’s clear from the start of The Visit that siblings Tyler and Becca aren’t about to have fun with their grandparents. Their Nana and Pop Pop act weird, creating a confusing and scary atmosphere.

Some fans were able to relate to the plot twist that this older couple aren’t actually the grandparents but two killers who murdered the real Nana and Pop Pop. Redditor NegativePiglet8 said: “I called it from the ads (and I’m terrible and understand twists) so I was a little bummed when I ended up being right.” Redditor RadiantPersimmon443 called it “predictable” because “the scene of the grandma deliberately smearing batter on camera was overdone.”

9-Year-Old Is the Identity Killer (2003)

Identify made an impact when it was released in 2003 as it tells the story of ten people who don’t know each other and are stuck in a hotel together. They are terrified because they know one of them is a murderer, but they have no idea who it is. Timmy York is the killer of Identify and didn’t actually die as it seemed.

Redditor FuturistMoon guessed it was Timmy all along. The fan wrote in a thread, “The moment they can’t leave town, I turned to my girlfriend at the theater and said, ‘I know what’s going on!'”

Death in Dewey’s Cry (2022)

There are many iconic Scream franchise death and in Scream (2022), a favorite character meets his end. Sidney Prescott is once again spending time with Dewey Riley and his now ex-wife Gale Weathers, and though it’s an emotional reunion, they never forget that a killer (or possibly two) is on the loose. It’s awful to watch Dewey get killed in the hospital where Tara Carpenter is recovering from his attempts to help everyone.

One Redditor said it wasn’t really a big plot twist, writing in a thread, “As soon as Sidney said nothing would ever make her go back to Woodsboro, I knew Dewey was going to die .”

Richie and Amber are the Ghostface killers in Scream (2022)

The twists in the Scream franchise are always the identities of the killers, but since there are always two people behind every killing spree, it’s not always a huge surprise, at least not to all fans. Redditor Halloweenmad316 wrote that it was “easy to call the killers in the first 10 minutes of the movie, which spoiled the reveal a bit.”

Like other killers who lurk among their groups of friends or partners, Amber Freeman and Richie Kirsch can be said to feel a little too nice and innocent, suggesting they have more to do with the situation than it seems.

Roman Bridger is a Ghostface in Scream 3 (2000)

Roman Bridgers says many of Ghostface’s most memorable Scream quotes and Cry 3 Killer didn’t come as much of a shock to all fans of the popular franchise. Redditor West-Drink-1530 wrote, “The others I remember solving were Cry 3‘s killer (but his death actually baffled me and kept me guessing).”

Ghostface killers often follow a pattern of appearing nice, friendly, and outgoing, which is meant to put fans off and prove that they could never be killers. This formula can sometimes easily predict who is behind everything.

William Schenk is the Spiral Killer: Book of Saw (2021)

For Redditor Known_Yesterday_1408, the twist in one of Seen the movies were clear even before they saw the movie: the fan wrote, “I knew who the killer was in Spiral: Book of Saw just from the trailer.”

William Schenk begins working with Detective Zeke Banks and sees Jigsaw starting over. While for some it’s a big moment when William says his name is Emmerson and it turns out he’s actually evil, it’s possible to guess based on the trope of killers that hide in plain sight.

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