10 Horrifying Stephen King Movie Scenes Fans Will Never Forget

Stephen King the adaptations are some of the scariest horror movies out there. With over 50 films adapted from King’s chilling work, there are bound to be scenes so terrifying to watch that it’s practically a test of audience endurance.

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From the gruesome first murder of Pennywise to the bizarre Grady sisters, certain scenes from films based on King’s work will always remain memorable, simply because their terror is hard to forget.


Georgia Arm (‘It’)

While the 1990s This The miniseries portrays Georgie’s murder much more ambiguously, let the 2017 remake include every ounce of guts and gore. When a Georgie in a yellow raincoat follows his paper boat into a sewer, he is terrified of his short, small life.

After a scary conversation with Pennywise, the killer clown nibbles on Georgie’s arm, leaving the boy to drag himself to safety as blood drips in raindrops on the street before he is pulled down the drain by Pennywise, to never to be seen again.

The Death of Margaret White (‘Carrie’)

Carrie follows a young girl as she navigates high school while discovering her telekinetic powers, and while the prom scene is the most recognizable part of the film, it’s the ending that will always give you the thrill.

After Carrie’s mother attempts to murder her daughter by chasing her with a knife, Carrie uses her powers to send another knife through the air and directly into her mother’s hand, pinning her to the wall. Carrie lets several knives fly and stab her mother until she dies. It’s much more cinematic than Margaret’s quiet but still unsettling death (her heart stops) in the book.

The Miserable Limping (“Misery”)

Misery is every writer’s worst nightmare; a fan so obsessed with your work that he kidnaps and tortures you until you write a book and fulfill his last wishes for his favorite characters.

The film’s most memorable and chilling moment comes when Annie places a block of wood between Paul’s tied ankles and begins hitting each ankle with a hammer, breaking both of his legs so he won’t try. escape. It’s even bloodier in the book, with total dismemberment.

“Come Play With Us” (“The Shining”)

the brilliant is one of those horror movies that will leave you sitting and staring for a while once the end credits roll. While there are several disturbing scenes, the introduction to the Grady sisters is one that might be hard to erase from your memory.

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When Danny rides his tricycle down the hotel hallway and meets the twins, they ask Danny to come play with them before the scene cuts to Danny seeing the girls’ corpses surrounded in blood after being killed by their dad.

Moochie Vs. Christine (‘Christine’)

Let Stephen King turn a Plymouth Fury into an ’80s slasher baddie. When the titular car character of Christina becomes sensitive and swears revenge on her owner’s bullies, Moochie sees a tragic end.

Moochie finds himself in the middle of nowhere and suddenly sees Christine driving towards him, and when the car flashes its headlights and speeds after him, the bully flees during the iconic chase scene. But the terror comes when Moochie gets stuck in a dead end in an alley and Christine fights her way until she smashes him against the wall.

The car scene (“Cujo”)

Cujo is ultimately one of the most terrifying concepts in Stephen King’s work: when your beloved dog takes a turn for the worse and turns into a raging killing machine. But for all Cujo’s terror, the car scene featuring Donna and her son was the scariest.

Donna assumed she was safe inside a car with her young son, until Cujo stalked them and appeared as a scary jump in the passenger window, trying to attack them until that Donna finally rolls up the window on the pooch.

Paul Bunyan (‘It: Chapter Two’)

It: Chapter 2 is arguably even scarier than the first movie, after Pennywise returns to torment the adult versions of the Derry kids he once fought. And while the old lady scene and the fortune cookie disaster are memorable moments, it’s Paul Bunyan’s scene that wins for scariest in the film.

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Richie is already afraid of clowns, but he could add statues to the list after Derry’s Paul Bunyan statue came to life in front of him, his smoke turning into a bat-infested evil smile as he chases the ‘child. When Richie thinks back to that time as an adult, he is visited by Pennywise, who is hovering near a bunch of red balloons and making his jerk motion towards him.

The Return of Gage (“Pet Sematary”)

As if the pets in Pet sematary weren’t scary enough, a young human is the star of the film’s most terrifying scene. After Louis’ son Gage dies in a tragic accident, the father buries his son in the same cemetery that brought a dead cat back to life.

But just like the now-possessed cat, when Gage returns from the dead, he’s no longer the same adorable little boy he once was. The child, now with a mad grimace, embarks on a murderous rampage that includes hanging his mother and biting off pieces of his father’s flesh.

Redrum (‘The Shining’)

From his murderous visions to the imaginary friend who lived in his mouth, Danny Lloyd was an exceptionally scary kid in The brilliant. But one scene, in particular, might make you rethink having children.

While his mother Wendy sleeps, Danny writes the word “redrum” on her door with lipstick, then repeats the word in a creepy voice while holding a knife at her while she slept. When Wendy woke up, she screamed when she noticed the word “redrum” on the right in her mirror, reading “murder”.

Pennywise Projector (‘It’)

Between the 1990 miniseries and the 2017 remake, This is full of memorable and awful moments, but one in particular from the 2017 film will make you shy to use a projector again.

When the group of friends view a projection of old photos in Bill’s garage, a woman in one photo slowly begins to look like Pennywise before the photo suddenly comes to life and the garage goes dark. A jump scare ensues as the scene clears up and a tall, monstrous Pennywise steps out of the projection.

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