10 Greatest Unspoken Movie Plot Points

A great piece of cinematic storytelling usually consists of a compelling main plot and a number of interesting subplots that fit meaningfully into the overall narrative.

While we all like to know exactly what’s going on when you watch a movie, it can also be hugely rewarding to discover new things every time you revisit a movie, like subtle plot points and plot elements of character background that are shown and implied rather than spoken out loud.

Excessive exposition can be one of the worst things in any film, and so smart filmmakers may choose to show rather than tell, visually hinting at character development or a quiet bit of movie advancement. the story.

And yet, the vast majority of audiences never picked up on these creative, insightful, hilarious and downright bizarre storylines, which rewarded the most observant and observant viewers while flying over everyone else’s head.

So give yourself a pat on the back if you figured out these storylines for yourself, because the filmmakers put them together in such a way that audiences were basically left to their intuition…

Gremlins isn’t a massively grounded movie, but did you know that it secretly confirms the existence of time travel in its own universe?

Time travel is of course a theoretical possibility in all universes, but in Joe Dante’s classic creature feature we actually see it subtly realized.

Halfway through the film, eccentric inventor Randall Peltzer (Hoyt Axton) calls home after an inventors’ convention, where in the background, eagle-eyed viewers might notice the time machine. iconic from the 1960s film adaptation of HG Wells’ The Time Machine. .

That’s all well and good, but when we return to Randall after cutting to his wife Lynn (Frances Lee McCain), the machine has miraculously vanished, leaving behind burn marks, smoke, and an audience of shocked onlookers.

It easily goes unnoticed no matter how many times you’ve seen Gremlins over the past nearly 40 years, and nods to Dante’s penchant for ridiculous, winking humor that he has. greatly amplified in the wonderfully goofy sequel.

Andrea G. Henderson