10 Best Pre-Kill Movie Lines

It’s no small feat to put the finishing touches to his cinematic kill with a truly memorable verbal death sentence.

However, when a character gets it right, said kill line can often live on far beyond the legacy of the film it was delivered in, leaking a pop culture staple that ordinary people somehow find themselves pronouncing without even realizing where they have the expression. Unfortunately for the cast involved, the flamboyant manner in which many of these deaths occur often overshadows what was a superbly witty final repartee.

Nonetheless, several iconic performers have gone down in the annals of cinematic history as the ultimate connoisseurs of the art of pre-kill dialogue; Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are just a few of the illustrious members of this legendary club of big-screen killers. There’s an ineffable art to delivering an unforgettable final soundbite to an opponent just before inflicting the killing blow, and the aforementioned trio are just a sprinkling of celebrity performers who made an inimitable final signature a integral part of their film repertoire.

Sit back and enjoy a selection of the most immortal pre-kill lines of epic proportions cinematic history has to offer.

The contrived nature of Scott’s hilarious attempt to rhyme “vegan” with “begone” as he dispatches Evil Ex Number 3 is perhaps the perfect reflection of the whimsical and ridiculous nature of Scott Pilgrim against the world in 2010.

Having discovered that he is in the middle of a fight for his life, where he must battle the sinister former partners of his new girlfriend Ramona Flowers, Scott manages to outrun the first two exes before coming up against a seemingly invincible new adversary. . Todd, Scott’s ex-girlfriend, Envy’s new vegan bassist boyfriend, who incidentally has telekinetic powers due to being “vegan”.

Todd defeats Scott in a bass guitar battle with the help of his otherworldly powers, but barely has time to gloat before Scott tricks him into drinking half and half. Vegan police stormed the scene and relieved Todd of his powers for what turned out to be his latest violation of the vegan “code”. Did you know chicken isn’t vegan? Apparently, neither did Todd. His newly mortal form is cowered before a triumphant Scott, who delivers the unforgettable parting shot.

“Before, you were a missing-ve…but now you’re going to disappear!”

The confused Todd barely has time to mutter “vegone?” before Scott headbutts him so hard that the bassist dissipates into a big pile of parts. A superb side pre-cut line, long remembered for its utterly ridiculous nature and exemplary execution.

Andrea G. Henderson