10 Best Opening Movie Scenes Of All Time (According To Reddit)

The first and last minutes are the most important parts of any film.

This ending is the director’s last chance to impress audiences, and it’s what he’ll remember most as he steps out of the theater (or peels off the couch) and starts chatting with his friends. As such, a bright ending can be a major source of fuel for positive word of mouth, so it’s essential that it be strong.

Likewise, a powerful opening is what will hook audiences in the first place, ensuring they’re engaged throughout the film, all the way to that (hopefully) knockout finale.

As a result, we often see films put extra effort and care into their openings, with filmmakers crafting them for maximum shock, horror, amazement or emotional value, giving their films the best possible start – and the most memorable.

It’s no surprise, then, that the “best movie opening scenes” are an often-discussed topic among moviegoers, and with a Reddit thread While touching on this topic recently, we thought we’d highlight some of the openings that these Redditors voted as their favorites.

Before Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight, there was a period when X-Men 2 might have been the greatest comic book movie of all time, and its amazing opening action scene was a big one. raison.

After a moving monologue from Charles Xavier and a short CG title sequence, said action scene picks up inside the White House, with the teleportation demon Nightcrawler battling a small army of the President’s guards.

With an evocative operatic score, a perfect blend of practical and digital effects, and masterful camerawork that truly sells the confusion of battling an enemy with such unpredictable movement, it’s hard to find fault with the technical execution. from the scene.

It’s also a perfect example of action in the service of history, with a member of oppressed mutant society battling against a symbol not only of American power, but global Power. It’s an effective streak on so many levels, and quite simply, it’s super powerful action at its best.

Andrea G. Henderson