10 Best Horror Movie Scenes When Evil Characters Turned Good

Everyone loves a redemption story. In horror movies, as in all genres, there is a hero and a villain who serve a purpose in the story. Naturally, the latter is portrayed in a terrible light so that the audience can anticipate his eventual karma and reward.

But to mix things up, the writers will take these people through character development only to end up changing for the better over the course of the movie. Now, we’ve seen good guys go bad in movies, but the reverse is also very common.

This leads to individuals who may have started out evil at the start but ended up looking heroic by the end of the film. The filmmakers do this to show how complex morality is and how terrible people can do good things just like good people. Examples vary from making heroic sacrifices to redeem themselves or teaming up with the hero to stop a bigger threat.

Now keep in mind that the entries chosen here will be made up of characters who are mostly villains during the movie and end up doing a heroic deed later on. There will also be incoming spoilers for the movies that will be mentioned.

In the 2009 film Daybreakers, vampires have become the dominant species on the planet while humans are hunted down and harvested for food. The story centers on vampire scientist Edward Dalton and his search for a substitute for human blood.

One of the main characters in the movie is Frankie Dalton, Edward’s brother who was responsible for turning him. He is a member of the Vampire Army, the military group tasked with hunting down humans. Later in the film, her boss Charles Bromley orders her to turn her daughter Alison into one of them. But when she refuses to partake in the blood and turns into a monstrous sedative, she is executed in the light of day, which begins Frankie’s change of heart.

In the climax of Daybreakers, our protagonists are cornered by a large group of hungry vampire soldiers. Frankie decides to make the ultimate sacrifice by offering himself to the creatures and then redeeming himself. Although he is devoured by the horde, his actions buy his brother enough time to live.

And because he became human by biting Elvis Cormac, a man who found the cure for vampirism, his death allows soldiers to become human as well.

Andrea G. Henderson