10 best horror movie plot twists, according to Reddit

It’s hard to think of a great horror movie that doesn’t have a smart twist, whether it’s in the middle of the story or at the very end. While fans of this genre are looking for good characters, and some people have a great fear of jumping, everyone can agree that when a story suddenly changes, it’s fascinating and thrilling.

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Many horror movies have a solid spin, whether it’s a slasher, supernatural, or body horror flick, and fans are happy to share their favorite big reveals in some Reddit threads. These films all have other positive qualities, but their twists and turns make them definitely memorable.

ten The boy has a man hiding in the house

Brahms: The Boy 2 Final Trailer

Of all the horror movies about scary dolls, The boy is loved because of its unexpected plot that makes people stop and think about what the rest of the story means.

Reddit user cake_crusader loves that twist, explaining, “learning that this wasn’t a supernatural thriller made it so much scarier.” It turns out that Brahms is a real man who has lived inside the house for a long time, and Greta is shocked and terrified to learn this truth. This is truly unexpected, as it looks like this is another film about a creepy, possessed doll, but it manages to stand out from the crowd.

9 The cabin in the woods is an apocalyptic ritual

Gary and Steve's cabin in the woods

The cabin in the woods is considered groundbreaking, awesome, and truly wild, and it’s all thanks to the twist audiences learn in the middle of it. Reddit user Peas4liw likes that twist too, writing, “The cabin in the woods was pretty wild. I really didn’t expect it.”

While it may seem like the main characters are just enjoying a fun weekend in a cabin, audiences find they are part of a horrific ritual, and the engineers are manipulating them because they are archetypes. The movie only gets wilder from there.


8 Everyone is a ghost in the others

Nicole Kidman in The Others

When it comes to horror movies with good twists, Reddit user zmanbunke noted “Others” and another Redditor replied, “Love this one!”

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While Grace thinks there is something supernatural going on in the Victorian house she shares with her children, the audience discovers that they are the ghosts, because they are long dead. This plot twist, along with Nicole Kidman’s solid performance and haunting atmosphere, is what makes this film so dramatic and memorable all these years later.

7 Malcolm died in the sixth sense

Cole (Haley Joel Osment) speaking to Malcolm (Bruce Willis) in The Sixth Sense

Malcolm in The sixth sense is one of the best psychiatrists in cinema, and this film is just as touching and heartbreaking as it is terrifying. A lot of people who watched this movie when they were younger remember Cole saying he saw deaths and Kyra get poisoned by her horrible mother.

This film is also appreciated because of its major plot which has become very famous. A Redditor praises the end of The sixth sense, writing, “Also, a compulsory Sixth Sense cry if you haven’t seen it somehow.” Malcolm is actually dead, because Vincent, whom Malcom used to heal, kills him.

6 Jigsaw is the saw corpse

Movie trap seen

Reddit user BritDZim say that “Seen“has a great twist end and Reddit user Barkerfan86 okay, “The first time I saw this ending I was screaming on TV.”

The Seen horror the franchise is a favorite, and the first movie has an incredible twist: Zep isn’t Jigsaw but makes him a victim. Audiences are shocked to discover that Jigsaw is the seemingly dead body in the middle of the room, and Zep is forced to injure Adam’s child and wife.

5 Charlotte is responsible for Lizzie’s drama in Perfection

A few Reddit users have mentioned Perfection, with Reddit user Crescent_Luna writing that the film “is so suspenseful and intense, I was really pleasantly surprised by this one!”

Considered an underrated body horror flick, the Netflix movie has a wild, story-changing twist: Charlotte drugs Lizzie, which causes Lizzie to cut her hand off because Charlotte doesn’t want Lizzie to be abused by Anton.

4 The invitation is a killer dinner

The Invitation 2015 Film Dinner Scene

Several Redditors were shocked by the turn of The invitation, with a Redditor writing “omg this one blew me away. I didn’t set it all up until the Red Lanterns, and even then I googled it just to be sure.”

When the public sees red lanterns in other homes, they realize that this is not an innocent and ordinary dinner party, but rather a rally organized by a cult that kills people. It’s always fun when there’s an incredible ending and this one is one of the favorites in the horror genre.

3 Childcare is scary, you better be careful

better be careful

Better be careful has an incredible plot as audiences learn that Ashley’s babysitting night has turned into an evil nightmare as Luke holds her hostage and could kill her at any time.

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Reddit user ID deleted wrote: “Better Watch Out had a little turn in the movie that is completely left and made the movie worth it for me.” It’s definitely a big surprise, especially since the movie is set over Christmas. The public expect Ashley to have a boring but uneventful night and instead, she’s fighting for her life.

2 Billy’s mom is the killer of Scream 2

Fans love Sidney’s action scenes in the Scream franchise, and the movies also have some amazing twists. While a lot of people talk about Casey, the character of Drew Barrymoore, dying in the opening scene of the first movie or of Billy and Stu as the killers, the revelation of Ms. Loomis in the sequel is also a great twist.

A Redditor said: “I like the twist in scream 2 because it gave us Laurie Metcalf hammering and clearly having fun being a villain, which is amazing. “

1 The rewind scene in fun games

Peter and Paul from Funny Games

A Redditor mentioned the end of Funny games, writing “there’s a twist I don’t know how anyone could see coming.”

The hostage-taking in the movie is pretty terrifying, but Paul rewinds the story and goes back in time to change what happened. The movie would be disturbing even without this scene, but anyone who has seen it can never forget the experience of watching it for the first time.

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