10 best Christmas movie plot twists

Christmas movies are generally quite predictable, using stereotypical stories to put audiences in a holiday mood. Some, however, tend to make the bold decision to intrigue the audience. Whether or not this twist succeeds is not the case. Instead, the fact that a holiday movie is bold enough to try it out usually makes it quite memorable.

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While it’s pretty much guaranteed that Christmas movies will have a cheerful, hopeful, or inspiring message, there are some movies that accomplish this in the most unexpected ways. More recent films like Last christmas to a staple food like A Christmas Carol, these twists and turns can surprise the public during the holiday season.


When Little Tim Dies – A Christmas Carol (2009)

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is the classic story of a wealthy and lonely man who learns how his actions affect others and their opinions of him. After all, most people would like someone to mourn them when they are gone. With the arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Future, Ebenezer Scrooge comes to this realization on both planes.

Seeing Tiny Tim die and realizing it’s Scrooge’s fault due to the lack of pay for his employee changes the man. Easily, the heartbreaking moment is one of the saddest in the whole movie. As a twist, it’s a stark reminder of how selfish actions have deadly consequences. It is still as effective today as it was when Charles Dickens wrote it.

When Chris (Hero Boy) Loses His Ticket – The Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is all about the importance of believing without seeing. When Chris, more commonly known as the Hero Boy, boards a train in the middle of the night, he sets out on an extraordinary journey.

Towards the end of the film, Chris ends up losing his ticket, which makes him believe the trip was for nothing. However, the moment eventually ties into the theme of the film. The ticket might not be there, but Chris’ belief is more important. Fortunately, everything is arranged for him to meet Santa Claus. After this moment of doubt, the belief never wavered for him.

When Prince Richard finds out he’s adopted – A Christmas Prince (2017)

A christmas prince

A christmas prince is the story of an undercover reporter, Amber, who ends up falling in love with the exact prince she was supposed to be investigating. At the same time, some of his relatives are trying to tear off his crown by revealing that he has been adopted, which he does not even know.

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This whole movie is filled to the brim with drama and romance, but the adoption twist adds a really interesting element to the story. It also puts Richard and Amber in danger of being unemployed. The good news is that there is another twist that saves Richard, the Prince of Aldovia, from ruin.

When Chris Rejects Jamie’s Advances – Just Friends (2005)

Just friends

Just friends is a holiday romance comedy that follows Chris, still in love with his high school crush, Jamie, when he comes home for Christmas. What’s shocking about this movie is the fact that once he gets exactly what he wants, Jamie’s attention, but he ignores it.

While this movie always ends with a loving kiss and makeup between the two of them, the fact that Chris rejects Jamie is shocking to anyone who has ever been in some sort of unrequited love. This is all the more true since he has been pining for James for all these years. Fortunately, he later apologizes for his mistake.

When Aunt Ruth Turns Out To Be An Elf – A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

A boy called Christmas

A boy called Christmas is a wonderful reimagining of the origin story of Santa Claus with amazing cast and great special effects. With the creativity in every inch of the film, it’s no surprise the team on this has been the same since. The Christmas Chronicles.

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Maggie Smith, who plays Aunt Ruth, tells this story to her nephew. At the very end, the audience sees a flash of her real pointy elf ears, which reveal her magical nature. This twist reveals that she knows this story because she was there through it all. It’s an extremely cute yet surprising note to end the movie.

When art survives gas poisoning – Silent Night (2021)

Silent night

Silent night is a new holiday film for the 2021 season about a family reuniting for the last time because everyone will be killed by poison gas the next day. It’s definitely one of the most interesting dark comedies of the year with that kind of twist from the get-go.

The film ends with every death except for one person, Art, who questioned everything from the start. Despite its survival, many questions about this apocalyptic world remain unanswered. Even though the whole movie is about accepting death over the holidays, the odd amount of happiness mixed in with the shocking ending ensures that Silent night will linger in the public brain long afterward.

When Jake gets a treehouse instead of a Nintendo – 8-bit Christmas (2021)

8-bit Christmas

8-bit Christmas is a healthy movie that tells the story of Jake, a kid who did all he could on Christmas in the late 80s, trying to get a Nintendo. Since the story looks like a contemporary homage to A Christmas story, the public was surprised that he did not receive the toy.

While this is a bit of a bittersweet flick for any kid who’s hoping to get exactly what he wants for Christmas, the fact that his dad built him a treehouse instead is a better commentary on the significance. to be a child. Not to mention that it shows his dad that he cares about him even though he didn’t give him the Nintendo. After all, it takes a lot of effort to build a treehouse.

When Graham Tells Amanda About His Daughters – Vacation (2006)


Vacations is one of the best Christmas movies on Hulu, which centers around Amanda and Iris changing homes for the holidays. In fact, they find new loves. Amanda’s love interest is Iris’s brother, Graham. When he often leaves to make calls to other girls, she worries that he will play her.

All her fear leaves her eyes when she goes to Graham’s house and meets her daughters for the first time. This moment was the turning point for Amanda who had once lived with a cheater. This unexpected yet charming twist fits perfectly into this story of love and faith over the Christmas season.

When Billy Mack confesses his love to Joe – Love Actually (2003)

Billy Mack in fact in love

Love in fact is one of the most classic Christmas movies of the early 2000s, which follows different love stories intertwined during the Christmas season. One of those stories involves a tired musician, Billy Mack, whom most people have completely forgotten.

The moment Billy Mack reveals he loves Joe is one of the sweetest in the movie because he doesn’t know how much Joe cares about him. While this is one of the shortest stories in the film, it is one of the most memorable because of the kind of respectful love they have. Honestly, this twist deserves a lot more credit because of how it lingers after the movie ends.

When Kate Realizes Tom Was Her Heart Giver – Last Christmas (2019)

Last christmas

While Last christmas has sweet moments, this film’s heartbreaking ending leaves a lasting impression on any Christmas movie fan. In the film, austere and joyless Kate meets magnetic and alluring Tom for a vacation romance that invigorates her.

The twist, however, is that Tom is the ghost of Kate’s heart giver. It leaves audiences without the normal romantic comedy ending that so many have been waiting for. While this movie is more about Kate’s self-improvement, this reveal was one of the hardest to watch, especially as she thought back to everything she did with him and the way she was. alone all the time.

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